How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is often thought of as simply another social media platform. Though there are aspects of it that are social media-like, Pinterest is way more than that! Pinterest is a search engine discovery tool for internet users looking for content in the lifestyle, food, design, decorating, parenting, and fashion niches. (And more, really!) Pinterest has SO MUCH content! 

Unlike standard search engines, Pinterest uses a visual layout that makes finding what you want fun, easy, and literally addicting! It’s been around since 2010 and it’s been inspiring its TWO BILLION active users ever since. Because of its success, reach, and target audience . . . it’s a super lucrative platform to market your blog content! 

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is an often overlooked platform for blog growth. But, on no other social media platform are users seeking to travel to your website. Right? Instagram followers expect to be fed on Instagram. TikTok followers expect to be fed on TikTok. However, Pinterest users want to find blogs and other resources, so they can become regular visitors!

This is HUGE! Because we all know that our currency as bloggers is website page views. People viewing our Instagram story isn’t nearly as profitable as someone reading a full blog post. So, with the right strategies, you can utilize Pinterest to drive TONS of new traffic to your blog. Plus, these visitors will actually be in your target audience, which makes them much more likely to become lifelong followers!

Ready to take on Pinterest? We hope so! Here’s how you can increase your blog traffic and grow your brand using Pinterest:

Advantages of Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog

Advantages Of Using Pinterest To Grow Your Blog

Increases your traffic. 

As mentioned, Pinterest users want to be taken off Pinterest and sent to helpful websites. Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to convince your users to travel off the site. This means you’ll get lots of clicks through to your blog, rather than just a bunch of likes on your posts! 

Beyond that, remember that Pinterest is a search engine—a search engine with a lot less content than Google. That means, if your content is optimized for Pinterest, you can much more easily rank high on the Pinterest search results pages than you can Google’s. You can generate traffic from Pinterest that will get you some of the best conversions of any other platform!

Boosts brand awareness.

Pinterest is also useful for increasing brand awareness. With branded, eye-catching pins, you can develop credibility and brand awareness, even when users aren’t repinning or clicking through. The more searches your pins populate for, the better users will get to know you. Eventually, they’ll trust your content and travel to your website to see what it’s all about! 

Widens your reach. 

It’s hard to reach your target audience on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. People don’t use those platforms as discovery tools!  They look at what their followers post and view what the platform auto-generates for them, but they’re not really searching. This makes it really hard to find users’ interest in your niche!

However, on Pinterest, you can find those readers and capture their attention much better. Plus, you’ll be exposed to a whole new user base that’s maybe not on Instagram or TikTok. If you feel like you’re struggling to generate more followers/subscribers from one platform—it might be time to give Pinterest a try!

Expands social media presence. 

Adding another social media account to your roster is never a bad thing. (As long as you can maintain it.) It gives you another place for people to share your content! Social sharing is a huge part of organic growth and Pinterest is almost more about sharing than it is about original content for a lot of users. Just make sure you have the “pin it” widget on your website to make sharing a breeze! 

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Pinterest

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Pinterest 

Build your branded business Pinterest profile. 

First things first, create a branded profile as a business account. This will ensure you have full access to Pinterest’s analytics and influencer tools. It’ll also boost your credibility with users! 

When you do this, make sure you also claim your website!

Create a board for each blog post category. 

Start creating Pinterest boards to organize your blog post pins! We recommend having a board for each category or topic on your blog. That way, if someone finds a recipe pin of yours they love, it’ll be easy for them to find more of your food content, without having to sift through style or parenting pins they’re not interested in right now. Keep it all neat and organized! 

Design 3-5 different pins for every blog post. 

Now, create 3-5 pins for every blog post. Really experiment here! Don’t make them identical. Have each one highlight a different part of the blog post and have its own unique design, title, and description. 

Going forward, we recommend making creating pins part of your blog post crafting process. Just like all your content is repurposed for Instagram or TikTok, repurpose your content for Pinterest! 

BTW, the best places to create pins are Canva or Tailwind!

Make sure your images are optimized for Pinterest. 

You may be tempted to just copy and paste the images you used on your blog to Pinterest, but that’s not the best choice for optimization. If you really want your posts to rank high and get in front of lots of searchers, make sure your pin images are SEO-friendly!

Of course, they need to be high-quality, but they also need to be in 4:5 or 2:3 inches in size and have a 1000×1500 px aspect ratio. The images should be vibrant and engaging and ALWAYS include easy-to-read and informative text overlays. These pins perform the best! 

Use hashtags and keywords in your pin titles and descriptions. 

Pinterest will use your hashtags and keywords to connect your content with organic searchers. If they type in “grandmillenial style” and you have that keyword in your post already in your pin description, you’re much more likely to rank high! 

Research what Pinterest users are searching by using the predictive search tool and include keywords and hashtags from that research in your titles and descriptions!

Pin 5 times a day. 

All social media platforms have their algorithm, and when you know how to use it, you can really boost your search ranking. On Pinterest, we recommend you post 5 times a day between 8 pm and 11 pm or between 2 am and 4 am. 

Don’t worry – you absolutely do not need to be up all hours of the night. Just use a post scheduler like Planoly!

Post on group boards, too. 

Group boards are public boards that allow anyone to add pins. They’re usually themed and moderated to ensure peoples’ pins are on-brand for the group board. These are super good tools to use because people are already following these boards, so putting your pin there gets your content right in front of your exact target audience. So smart!

Add Pinterest widgets to your blog. 

The Pinterest widget for your blog will make it so that people can directly pin your content from your website. So, if a Pinterest user (or other organic visitor) enters your site and wants to share the content on Pinterest, they don’t have to do any copy and pasting. They just hit the “pin it” button. This is like free advertising! 

Here’s how to add the Pinterest widgets!

Apply for rich pins. 

Rich pins will make your life much easier. They automatically pull blog content and create pins for it. This is a great way of streamlining your Pinterest management process. However, Pinterest doesn’t let everyone do this. You’ll need some credibility first. Once you do, definitely apply for rich pins

Enroll in a Pinterest SEO service. 

If Pinterest SEO feels like a lot to manage . . . it is. It’s a big undertaking, but it can give your blog massive growth. If you want your Pinterest strategy to be the best of the best and as easy as possible, hire a Pinterest SEO service like ours at InfluencerSEO! Here’s what we can do for you and your Pinterest goals:

  • Optimized Pinning of all new blog posts
  • Optimized Pinning of Instagram photos and reels
  • Tailwind community & loop management
  • 4 custom-designed Idea Pins per month
  • 8 custom-designed graphics per month to promote your past top-performing blog and Pinterest content.
  • Custom-created Pinterest-friendly graphics for all new blog content each month (up to 30!)
  • Weekly reports to document your results, to-do’s, custom-created content, Idea Pins Pinned, Reels Pinned, & blog posts Pinned

Doesn’t that sound amazing? You can purchase your ideal Pinterest SEO Package HERE!

Pinterest is an essential tool in every blogger’s toolbelt!

If you’re wanting to take your blog to the next level, get on Pinterest. A good Pinterest strategy is going to help you increase traffic, boost credibility, widen your reach, and expand your social media presence. It’s beneficial in SO MANY ways! 

For more blog advice and social media tips, check out the InfluencerSEO blog and Instagram. We are blogging experts who have helped hundreds of bloggers reach their big brand goals! It’s not out of reach, friends! You just need a little help from your friends at InfluencerSEO! 🙂

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