How to a Upload PDF to WordPress: Your Step-By-Step Guide  

how to upload pdf to wordpress

If you’re a blogger, you’re probably always looking for ways to make your blog more engaging. When our blog is engaging, we connect with, reach, and retain readers better. One way that many bloggers like to offer more to their followers is by uploading PDFs to their pages that readers can download, print, and use. Whether you’re offering an eBook, coloring pages, meal planners, style guides, or something else, you NEED to know how to add PDFs to your WordPress website!

So, today we’re sharing another handy step-by-step guide! This one will explain how to upload a PDF to WordPress (our favorite blogging platform.) Here are ways to make your blog more engaging, and once you get your ideas, make your PDF in Canva, and follow the steps below to get your PDF uploaded to your blog! 

how to upload a pdf to wordpress

How to Upload PDF to WordPress

Step 1: Optimize your PDF file size. 

Start by optimizing your PDF file size. A PDF on your WordPress being too large can be a problem for a lot of reasons, so reducing the file size while maintaining the quality is essential. A smaller file size means faster load times, a better user experience, a reduced server load, AND an SEO boost

If you’re in Canva, reduce the file size using the scales before hitting the download button. If you just have the file, you can find a PDF size converter to get the document to the right size before uploading to your WordPress. 

Step 2: Log into your WordPress Dashboard. 

Next, log in to your WordPress site dashboard. This is where you can add all your media to your blog and edit up your web design however you like. 

Step 3: Select the media library option. 

In the left hand menu, find the Media option and select it. Then click Add New Media File. You’ll see text that reads “Upload New Media” above a drop box where you can select files to upload.   

Step 4: Upload a PDF.

Nowm hit Select Files and locate the document you want to add. To upload PDF files from there, all you have to do is click Open. You’ll see the uploaded files in WordPress listed at the bottom of the page. 

Step 5: Add your metadata. 

Though your file is uploaded into WordPress, it’s not search engine optimized yet! So, select Edit on the far right of the listed document. Then, rename the PDF if necessary. (It should be something short and sweet that appropriately titles the document.) And, finally add Alternative Text. 

What is alt text? It’s a description of an image or document that allows people with visual impairments to review your files! Not only is it great for accessibility on your blog, but it’s also great for SEO! Web crawlers can’t always interpret visual media, so alt text helps search engines determine whether files are relevant to your blog. If they are relevant and high-quality, that boosts your SEO. 

Once you’ve added all your metadata, click Update. 

Step 6: Copy and paste the PDF in your desired post or page. 

Back at the media library page, you’ll see the option Copy to Clipboard. Go ahead and click this, head to the page where you want the PDF. Then, create a file block and paste it where you want it! You can also add the PDF by accessing your media library within the page or post. 

how to upload pdf to wordpress

Step 7: Edit the display settings. 

Once it’s added, click the gear button next to the PDF to edit the display settings. It’ll give you options like Open in a New Tab, Show Download Button, and Show Inline Embed. Decide how you want your PDF to appear and click the toggle to turn on any of these display features. 

Step 8: Publish your page or post. 

Just update or publish your post or page and your PDF is ready to go! 

Step 9: Test the PDF.

Make sure to return to the page after you publish it and ensure the PDF looks and works the way you want. 

Bonus Tip: Consider using a PDF viewer plugin.

Adding PDFs can be time consuming if you use them a lot. So, if your blog needs a lot of PDFs added to it on a regular basis, consider using a plugin to help you out. PDF Embedder plugin is a great choice if this is something you’re interested in! 

downloadable PDFs to your blog

Offer downloadable PDFs to your blog to give your readers extra content! 

The best way to set yourself up for success as a blogger is to focus on delivering consistent, high-quality content! Your weekly blog posts are a great start, but you can engage readers even more by offering downloadable PDFs to your website. It’ll keep you in the minds of your readers and remind them how invested you are in providing great content. For more ideas on how to elevate your blog, head over to the InfluencerSEO blog! We’re blogging experts and have all the  need-to-know info! 

If you’re a die-hard WordPress blogger like us, we;ve got more useful guides to various WordPress tasks. Here’s how to . . . 

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