What Does a Blog Manager Do?

What does a blog manager do?

The next few posts are bringing in some MAJOR value for you guys and we couldn’t be more excited. Yes, we’re an SEO company. But at the core of our values we’re just trying to help bloggers be more successful. So whether it be through SEO, or building the right team and partner for your business, WE want to be on top of it.

So with that said, today AND THE NEXT FEW POSTS, are going to help you take your business TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Introducing… Wellevation HQ, a talent management company that specializes in influencer and blogger marketing. We’re doing a 3 part series with them starting with today’s post: What does a blog manager do? 

We were introduced to the Wellevation HQ team through A FEW of our clients. If you’re in the Influencer space, you know that one of the main pain points of blogging is management. How to find the right management team, knowing if management is right for you, the benefits of management, and then staying happy with a management team.

Our clients that work with Wellevation HQ have nothing but good things to say, which is rare in this space. So since we’ve heard such positive things, we had to invite WellevationHQ onto the blog to hopefully provide some value for you guys, plus introduce them for anyone looking for quality management. So with that, let’s dive into today’s post, the first in this three part series!

elle queen of wellevation HQ

Introducing… Wellevation HQ’s Founder, Elle Queen:

As someone who has worked in the influencer marketing industry for nearly a decade, it’s funny to remember what content creation looked like just a few years ago. Brands sent products in exchange for good content. Facebook was the primary platform for social networking. And, there were very few people making a living creating content and sharing it online. Seriously, SO much has changed in a relatively short time! Now, content marketing is a thriving industry.

We started Wellevation HQ five years ago because we had a passion for the influencer marketing industry and understood the power of word-of-mouth advertising. In our previous roles at large and small food companies, we hired influencers and ran influencer campaigns. It’s something we really loved! 

wellevation hq founder elle queen

As someone who is not creative myself but has a mother who’s an artist, I really enjoy and appreciate creative people. From the outside looking in, I saw some real problems with partnerships between brands and influencers. And, I thought I might be able to help. Thus, Wellevation HQ was born!

Now that you know who we are, let’s dive into our first topic! We’re breaking down what a blog manager does, so you can identify if it’s a need in your business. Read on to see what Wellevation has to say about blog manager responsibilities and benefits:

What does a blog manager do?

What Does a Blog Manager Do?

One of the most important parts of building a blog as a business is monetization. You can monetize through ad space, selling products and services, affiliate marketing, or brand collaborations. Brand collaborations or partnerships are one of the most lucrative ways to make money on your blog, but they take a lot of work! A blog manager helps handle all the work that comes with brand collaborations. 

Each talent agency is different in how they handle partnerships. But, our goal is to facilitate a positive brand collaboration experience by allowing the influencer to stick to what they’re best at: brainstorming editorial calendars, experimenting with new ideas, engaging their audience, and, of course, creating stellar, unforgettable content! This, after all, is why the brand wanted to work with you in the first place. 

While you, the influencer, are handling the content, we handle all the back-end duties that come with brand collaboration. These tasks are often tedious, technical, and time-consuming—not things you want to spend your time on! But, we at Wellevation are here for it. It’s all we do! Here’s a breakdown of the exact responsibilities we’ll cover for you:

List of ways a blog manager can help you

Media Kit Creation

Without your media kit, you can’t get brand collaborations. A media/brand kit is a collection of assets like graphics, fonts, and images that inspire your content. In this case, it also includes a brief biography about you, analytics on your site or social channels, audience demographics, and examples of previous partnerships. Essentially, it’s an overall marketing template for each future post. 

This is how brands will confirm you’re the right fit! We’ll make sure yours is professional and appealing to get you as many brand collaboration gigs as you want. Additionally, we’ll help you set a base price for your collaborations that will be good for you and your future partners. 

Trend Strategy 

Like we said, we’re experts in the influencer marketing industry. We know what brands want, and we always keep up with the trends. So, if the market shifts, we’ll know. No need to do a lot of research yourself to keep up with this ever-evolving industry. We’ll give the information you need to keep your content strategies relevant and your collaborations lucrative. 

Manage and Facilitate Offers

As offers come in, we open communication and handle all the back-and-forth. Of course, we’ll discuss which offers you’d like to take and collect the necessary information from both sides. This includes handling the intro calls with the brands to understand their budget, goals, and key performance indicators. 

But at Wellevation HQ, we don’t just wait for offers to roll in, instead we reach out to potentially profitable brands for partnership. We host monthly or quarterly calls (your choice!) with each of our clients to develop outreach marketing strategies for brands in their niche. We’ll be both proactive and reactive to get you the best collaboration connections. 

Pricing and Negotiations 

We’ll work with you to set up a pricing proposal and deliver that to the brand. After that, we’ll facilitate further negotiations to get you the best rate. Once a rate has been agreed to, we’ll either review the contract they sent or craft one of our own. You’ll always have the best contracts with no sketchy fine print. We will manage all the pricing and negotiation parts of brand collaboration, so you don’t have to. 

Project Timeline and Management

Once the contract has been set, we’ll develop a project timeline and to-do list to ensure all deadlines are met and all resources are received. We’ll send reminders and help keep you on track to complete your content on time. You don’t have to manage projects alone anymore!

When you’ve finished your content, we’ll send it over to the brand. If they want edits, we’ll ensure they’re reasonable edits. As soon as the post is totally complete, we’ll alert the brands the content is live, and the deadline has been met! 

Statistics and Insights 

After your content has been delivered, we’ll produce statistics and insights that map the success of your collaboration. We’ll deliver all these result stats through InfluenceKit to both you and the brand. Assuming that your collab is a crazy success (which it will be), we’ll request an extended partnership with the brand! 

Frequent and Consistent Communication 

Our north star is consistent and frequent communication with influencers and brand partners. Each client gets our full attention. You’ll never have to press us for details, send us reminder emails, or track us down for information. Because we’re here for YOU. We know this results in positive experiences for both sides of the partnership. 

Relationship-Based Motivation

One thing that sets us apart from other influencer marketing managers is that we’re driven to see you succeed. When our influencers get more work and their content performs well, we all win! And, we treat every client’s brand like it’s our own. We treat the whole process with that much care, respect, and focus. At the end of the day, this is a relationship-based industry, and having a trustworthy, responsive, and experienced talent manager working for you can really help your business thrive.

Why hire a blog manager
Managing a blog is time-consuming, tedious, and technical. Let a blog manager take care of the behind-the-scenes, so you can focus on creating awesome content!

As you can see, from beginning to end, we take care of all the back-end brand collaboration responsibilities. Each one of these steps can take days, weeks, or months on your own, so we’ll come alongside you to increase your blog monetization and launch your brand to success! If you’re interested in hiring a blog manager and working with us, please check out this page just for you! 

And, don’t forget to check back for part two & three of these insightful series with Wellevation HQ! And for more helpful blogging and SEO tips, check out the blogging tips.

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