How To Get Approved for Affiliate Programs

How To Get Approved for Affiliate Programs

There are lots of reasons people start a blog. You may have started your own blog to share your experiences, make a statement, or inspire others! No matter your initial reasoning, there’s no question that blogging is a great way to make money online. Making your full-time blogging dreams a reality comes down to how you monetize your online presence.

One of the absolute best ways to make a business out of blogging is joining an affiliate marketing program to earn commissions on your product recommendations. The concept is pretty simple: you join a program, you recommend products you already love using the provided affiliate links, your readers purchase those products, and you get a cut of the profit. The company gets a unique and lucrative form of marketing and you generate passive income. WIN-WIN!

Bloggers of any niche can find opportunity in affiliate marketing, so what’s stopping EVERYONE from getting in on the affiliate marketing game? Well, there are some basic criteria required of all affiliate marketing applications in order to be approved for the programs. So, today we’re breaking down exactly what you need to get approved by some of the best affiliate programs out there! And, at the end, if you’re not quite ready for the big ones, we’ll share some affiliate marketing programs that don’t have much sign-on criteria. 

But first, here’s how to get approved for affiliate programs:

How To Get Approved for Affiliate Programs

How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs

Have a blog with your own domain. 

For almost all affiliate programs, you need to own your own website that regularly posts new content. So, a blog! Make sure you not only have a blog, but that it’s on your own domain. Some websites like Medium allow you to have your own page on their website, but that wouldn’t be considered a domain you own, so it likely wouldn’t be approved. We recommend using WordPress since it’s a web builder designed for bloggers! 

Focus on programs that align with your niche. 

If you have a blog, consider your niche and make sure you only apply to relevant affiliate programs! It’s important for both you and the program that you two are a good fit. If the products don’t vibe with your readers, they won’t make purchases and you won’t make money. The same goes for the company! Your marketing for them is ineffective if you don’t make sales! So, put some thought into programs that make sense with your audience.

Regularly post valuable, high-quality content. 

Like we mentioned, the program needs to know you’re going to be a good marketing source. They’ll want to see that you post regularly high-quality content that is targeted to the affiliate program’s key audience. So, ensure your blog is super active and demonstrates exactly how well you’ll be able to market the company’s products! 

Maintain a strong social media presence. 

Outside of your blog, it’s a good idea to have at least one or two active social media channels. It could be Instagram, Pinterest, or even a YouTube channel. Just make sure it also reflects your brand and has regular posting! Affiliate programs will want you promoting their products on multiple channels! 

Foster a highly engaged audience. 

There’s this assumption that to get accepted into an affiliate marketing program, you need thousands and thousands of followers. This is actually not the case! Affiliate programs are usually less concerned with the number of followers and more interested in level engagement. 

They’re a lot more likely to sell products if you only have 600 followers but you have 10% engagement, that’s really attractive to companies! However, having 10,000 followers and an engagement rate of 1% isn’t something most affiliate networks will get excited about. You’re more likely to sell with high engagement, so try to focus on that more than anything! 

Encourage readers and social media users to comment, like, DM, and more to keep engagement rates high. You can also read our post on how to make your content more engaging for more ideas! 

Try to get at least 500 engaged followers. 

Though follower count is not the most important thing affiliate platforms consider when approving applications, it is still a factor! Companies want good reach and they want proof that your content is valuable and interesting to people. Follower numbers usually prove that! 

Aim for getting at least 500 engaged followers to ensure you’re approved by affiliate networks. And, no, don’t even think about buying followers! You can gain followers on your own with the right strategy and commitment to your blog! 

Search engine optimize everything. 

One of the best ways to gain followers, boost page views, and increase engagement? Search engine optimization! SEO is the process of specifically formatting and composing your content to rank high on search engine results pages. When you’re optimized, your content is way more visible to organic searchers looking for answers you provide in your posts. 

On average, bloggers see 1000% more organic traffic from SEO than from social media. Wild, right??? This is where your focus needs to be if you want to not only get approved for a network but also make tons of money using it! Here are some of our top SEO best practices for bloggers

Know your numbers. 

When you apply for an affiliate program, they’ll want your numbers. Here’s a list of stats you should definitely have handy as you start exploring affiliate marketing and even brand collaborations

  • Total number of blog followers/subscribers
  • Monthly blog traffic/page views
  • Average time spent on your blog
  • Demographics of your blog audience (age, gender, location)
  • Engagement metrics on social media platforms (likes, comments, shares)
  • Follower count on each social media platform
  • Reach and impressions on social media posts
  • Average engagement rate on social media posts
  •  Audience demographics on social media platforms

Have a media kit ready to go. 

Where should all these numbers live? In your media kit! A media kit is basically a portfolio of your brand. It showcases imagery, text, and information that help companies understand your brand, your message, your demographic, and your value! These are great to include in an affiliate application, because they show how credible you are and prove to the network that partnership with you will definitely mean profit! 

(Psst . . . also include contact info including a professional email address to make contacting you super easy.) 

Read the terms and conditions.

Finally, make sure you read the terms and conditions before you apply. There are lots of reasons an affiliate program might reject you, and you need to know what guidelines and criteria you may be violating before you apply. 

For example, some affiliate programs only accept U.S.-based content creators. They may also have hard nos about certain political or religious topics as well. So, it’s best if you start the whole process by reading the terms and conditions of the affiliate program. Once you’re in, you can clarify any of those terms with the affiliate managers provided! 

How To Get Approved for Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs Without Approval 

There are lots of affiliate programs and networks out there, and we strongly believe you can achieve any of them with some hard work and the expert blogging advice from the InfluencerSEO website. Amazon Associates, LTK, Collective Voice, Etsy Affiliates, and more actually have really easy criteria to meet, so if one of them is on your wishlist, go for it! Until then, here are some affiliate programs that only ask that you have your own website or social media page:

Affiliate Programs Without Approval
You can get approved with affiliate programs with the right strategy! 

Ready to monetize that blog and live your best full-time influencer life? We hope so! The InfluencerSEO team is rooting for you, and has tons more content on our blog to level-up your brand, make money, and accomplish your dreams. Let’s get to it!

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