Influencer Marketing and SEO

Influencer Marketing and SEO

Marketing in the 2020s isn’t what it used to be! You no longer need to pay for TV ads, billboards, and flyers—even traditional social media ads don’t quite hit the consumer like they did before. But, this isn’t a bad thing! Modern strategies like influencer marketing offer an inexpensive and effective way to boost your search engine optimization and generate more loyal customers. 

Since influencer marketing impacts your SEO, one small collaboration with an influencer can benefit you for years to come. You’ll glide up the search engine results pages as the benefits roll in from your influencer campaign. And, as long as you stay consistent, you’ll keep ranking high. 

So, how does influencer marketing work? And, how does it impact your SEO? We’ve dedicated our post today to all things SEO and influencer marketing. This post will give you the tools you need to switch up your marketing strategy and experience the huge ROI influencer created content provides! Let’s do it:

Influencer Marketing and SEO

When influencers create content around your brand in exchange for payment, this is influencer marketing. You can find influencers at all levels for your set budget, and you won’t regret hiring any one of them! Influencer marketing is now one of the best ways of advertising your brand in 2022!

When you influencer market, you get a lot more benefits beyond simply reaching a larger audience. The campaign will actually help you with search engine optimization, which will generate leads again and again—even when that Instagram post has fallen low on the profile. Here are some ways influencer marketing impacts your SEO: 

How influencer marketing impacts your SEO

How Influencer Marketing Impacts Your SEO

Generate organic backlinks.

Links are one of the main SEO ranking factors. When you pay an influencer for a sponsored post, you’ll have a required link. And, that link generates tons of additional organic backlinks. 

Because, once a credible influencer who is an authority in their space recommends your brand, a lot more bloggers, influencers, or forum browsers in that same niche will want to link to you too! These quality backlinks to your website will drive you up those SERPs. 

Gain user generated content. 

As your brand awareness increases through your sponsored post, others will want to purchase your product or service and make similar content. Except, their posts don’t cost you anything! The blog readers or social media followers who have discovered your brand through the influencer marketing campaign will naturally create content of their own. Then, this user generated content will grow your web presence and boost your SEO as well!

Locate your target audience. 

If you’re struggling to find more customers, influencer marketing is the perfect way to find your target audience. As long as the influencer you’re partnering with is respected in their niche and matches your brand values, work with them! You’ll widen your reach and find more loyal followers looking for products and services just like yours.  

Increase your web traffic. 

As more people travel to your website, your ranking on the SERPs goes up. When you populate higher on the search engine results pages, more people click on your site. This means, you get even MORE web traffic. It’s a beautiful cycle! Plus, the diversification of your traffic sources will further benefit your SEO. So, just getting people to your website will benefit your business greatly—even if they don’t make a purchase. 

Establish credibility. 

When a trusted person recommends a brand, that brand becomes trusted, too. As you become more of a household name in your niche due to influencer posts, you’ll see serious SEO engine ranking improvements. You’ll gain brand awareness, web traffic, and links!

Ways to boost your SEO rankings using influencers

Ways to Boost Your SEO Rankings Using Influencers

Now that we’ve explored how influencer marketing can improve your search engine optimization, let’s get into how to do it. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your brand collaboration

Work with credible influencers. 

First up, work with credible influencers. This doesn’t mean only working with huge influencers! There are tons of micro influencers that have a highly engaged audience and are very trusted in their niche. You simply need to find someone that has a strong hold on their audience. If you like who they’re impacting, gain their influence through a collab! 

Build relationships. 

Build good relationships with the influencers you choose. If you do this, not only will you likely get more content for free, but you’ll gain their network. You can quickly connect with dozens of others in the space. Then, when you meet and work with them, you can repeat this process again and again until your business has achieved its marketing goals! 

Guest post and collaborate. 

If you’re working with a blogger, offer to guest post on their website. Or, if they’re a social media influencer, considering sharing posts. Bartering like this can be cost effective and confirm you stay at the forefront of potential customer’s minds! 

Be strategic about keywords. 

The one SEO concept everyone understands is keywords! Make sure that the sponsored post has lots of ranking keywords (short- AND long-tail.) This will help you populate on the site’s internal SEO system. However, be careful not to overdo it! Overdoing it is a big SEO mistake and will make the content seem spammy and untrustworthy. 

Grow your social media presence. 

SEO and social media go hand-in-hand. An optimized website grows your social pages. A branded social page grows your website. They work together to build your business! You can read more about this concept, here.

So, as you’re developing the terms of your sponsored post, require that the influencer link your social media channels and/or your website. If it’s a blog post, the influencer should add plenty of hyperlinks to your website AND your social channels. If it’s an Instagram post, ensure the influencer tags your social channels and links your website. Focus on growing both pathways to advance your business! 

Integrate a call to action. 

If you have a freebie or discount to generate leads, don’t be afraid to integrate that call to action into the post. In the post, the influencer can tell their followers that you have a free gift for them. This will hopefully prompt even moderately interested followers to travel to your site or social channels to see what the buzz is about! 

Content marketing generates three times more leads thank traditional marketing
Influencer marketing is a great way to search engine optimize your website and grow your brand!

In order to build your business, you need to keep up with modern marketing strategies to get the most for your hard-earned dollar. Influencer marketing is an inexpensive and effective way of advertising your brand and growing your audience. Not only does the post itself generate direct leads, but the SEO impacts have a ripple effect that benefits your brand for years! 

You don’t want to snooze on this SEO strategy. Go out and find your perfect influencer! And, if you’re in search of more ways to advance your brand, check out our blog. We have tons of content to help you develop modern strategies to achieve your small business goals. Let’s build this business together!

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