How To End a Blog Post

How To End a Blog Post

Every part of your blog post works together for the success of your blog. That intro has to hook your reader, the blog post title should be captivating, your subheadings must provide a quick outline, and your body text needs to deliver tons of valuable info. That’s why when you write a post, you need to consider every part of the article. But, what about those blog post conclusions?? What’s that for? And, why are they so freakin’ hard to write sometimes? 

The end of your blog post needs to be that final push that prompts your reader to act on something. Or, it at least needs to give a lasting impression, so the visitor comes back for more content later. This makes the conclusion one of the most important parts of your blog post, yet they’re SO often neglected. We get that they can be tricky, but you need a powerful conclusion. 

To help you craft the perfect close to your blog post, we’re sharing a few tips! Here’s how to end a blog post in a memorable and motivating way:

How To End a Blog Post

How To End a Blog Post

Keep it short and sweet. 

The closer your readers get to the close of your post, the more eager they’ll be to close out. People on the internet want their information FAST, which means they’re probably skimming and scrolling through your post pretty quickly. If your conclusion is too long, there’s no chance your followers will read it. Keep it short and sweet, so your visitors can get onto the next post or respond to your call to action right away!

Summarize the content. 

Remember, most people skim blog articles. If you want to make your conclusion useful, summarize what you’ve covered in the post! Highlighting those key takeaways will tell readers they got what they needed out of the text, or it’ll spur them to go back and reread a part that they missed. Either way, it’s a useful and familiar strategy for article conclusions.

Internal link to other posts. 

Since your readers are finishing one post, it’s a great idea to give them another one to read! Take them on a journey through your blog, by essentially creating a playlist of relevant posts. If this post is “The Best Morning Skincare Routine” link to “The Best Evening Skincare Routine” and from there link to your fav skincare product, skincare myths, and any other applicable content. Page views mean money for your blogging business, so keep them on your website as long as possible by internally linking to their next must-read! 

Tease a future post. 

If you have a content calendar full of your future posts, tease one or two of them in your conclusion. This may turn an organic visitor into a regular follower since they won’t want to miss your next upload. They’ll hopefully follow you on socials to get all of your new blog post updates!

How To End a Blog Post

Include a call to action. 

This is a big one! Your brand is a content marketing strategy that’s trying to sell or gain something, which means you have an obvious call-to-action (CTA) for every post. If you want to sell your products and services, use that last paragraph to make that sale! If you have an LTK, make sure your readers know about it by the end. Or, if you just need as many followers as possible, ask readers to share or subscribe to your posts on social media ASAP.

Your blog content is, of course, meant to add value, but don’t lose sight of your brand goals! To turn your blog into a business, you need to monetize, so there’s no shame in using your conclusion to close a sale or other CTA!! Here are some ways you can prompt your readers to take action in that last paragraph: 

  • Share Content
  • Purchase a Product or Service
  • Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Subscribe for More Content
  • Join a Membership
  • Take a Quiz
  • Enter a Content
  • Get a Free Quote/Evaluation 
  • Contact or Chat
  • Register for an Event 

For tips on writing an effective CTA, check out our post “What is a Good Call to Action?” 

Prompt discussion in the comments. 

When writing conclusions, it’s a smart idea to get readers acting and engaging right away. Asking followers to leave a comment to share their thoughts or answer a question is a great way to spark conversation and interaction! You can respond to these comments and start connecting with website visitors and long-time readers to build a bigger following and make your blog more engaging.

Encourage or inspire your readers. 

Your blog content was probably meant to challenge or uplift your readers. Drive your point in that final paragraph to make sure your intent doesn’t get lost inside all the practical advice. To pull your content and brand goals together, encourage readers, and inspire them to take action in your conclusion. 

Include later updates. 

If you’ve been writing for years, you probably have a huge back catalog of old posts you’ve written that are no longer up-to-date. Refresh those posts by fixing broken links, revamping the body text, and adding updates to the conclusion. 

For instance, if you wrote a post that included tips on using Instagram’s “swipe up” feature years ago, you would want to add an update at the end telling readers that the function is no longer available to most users. It shows you’re always on top of your game and your content is always trustworthy! 

Be memorable.

Your blog should be search engine optimized to reach a huge organic readership. However, when you draw in a lot of new visitors from search engines, it’s sometimes hard to stand out. You don’t want readers to simply get answers to their questions and move on. Have a strong voice and memorable closing that converts these organic visitors to lifelong followers!!! 

Blog Conclusion Examples

Blog Conclusion Examples

A great blog post conclusion is essential to a successful article!

You spent a lot of time crafting the perfect content for your post. You make sure your articles provide value to your followers and represent your brand well. Keep that same focus on quality while writing your conclusion, and ensure it’s both engaging content for your reader and useful content for your brand—and do it all in as few words as possible! 

Writing conclusions is a delicate thing, but after some practice, you’ll master the art of the perfect blog post ending! For more blog tips, head over to the InfluencerSEO blog where you can find all the need-to-know info on running a successful blog. Let’s do this!! 

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