7 Best Apps to Plan Your Instagram Grid

7 Best Apps to Plan Your Instagram Grid

There are over a billion Instagram accounts, so the real question is: how can you make yours stand out in the crowd? Well, when it comes to Instagram, first impressions are everything. When a user jumps to your profile, your grid should be cohesive and aesthetic. It’s what draws a user in and compels them to follow you! 

It’s not enough for each of your photos and graphics on your Instagram account to be high quality. Every photo needs to work together to make a beautiful mosaic masterpiece that represents your brand. This is why it’s important to visually plan your Instagram feed to ensure it’s doing its job to capture the attention of new followers

There are lots of Instagram grid planning apps that can help you with scheduling and managing posts. You can drag and drop your curated photos, which makes predicting how your feed will look like a breeze! So, today, we’re going to explore our favorite mobile and web apps to plan an Instagram grid and how they can help you turn your Insta Profile from drab to totally fab. Here they are:

List of The Best Apps to Plan Your Instagram Grid

7 Best Apps to Plan Your Instagram Grid


Snug is one of the cheapest apps on our list to plan your feed on Instagram at only $0.99. It doesn’t have all the features some of these others do, but it does let you schedule posts and drag and drop your future feed! This app even lets you crop your photos, so you can pick exactly what you want to showcase while your photos are in grid view. 

If you manage multiple Instagram accounts, you’ll also be happy to know that this one supports the management of additional profiles at no extra cost. It uploads photos directly to Instagram without push notifications or any extra actions. This feature is perfect for planning your posts on a busy schedule. 

Some users complain ‌the app is a little buggy, and as of writing this, Facebook has temporarily disabled Snug due to permissions issues. Additionally, Snug is only available on iPhones. But, if you’re an Android user, you can download the handy desktop app. Either way, Snug makes planning out your Instagram grid super simple! 

Sked Social

Sked Social is the perfect app for anyone looking for an all-around Instagram planning package! They have a drag-and-drop post scheduler for Instagram, and all other major social media platforms as well. You can even post to Instagram stories! It includes a media library too, so you can store posts you’re not quite ready to use for the future. 

There’s more to Instagram than just photos, right? Sked helps you discover new hashtags and saves the ones you frequently use. Weekly, Sked will send you analytics to help with the long-term success of your channel. And, the app allows you to create a custom link tree that sits in your bio. All the links your followers need all in one place! 

Sked costs between $25-$135 a month depending on the plan. Obviously, there are limited functions between the packages, but even the base package provides everything you need to plan your Instagram grid effectively! Though, with all the features, some users claim the app is a bit cumbersome. The user experience could definitely be better. 

Additionally, users don’t love that you can’t edit each social media post separately. So, if you have different wording or hashtags for each platform, this app may not work for you. But, if you’re looking to simply design your Instagram grid and collect helpful analytics, this app is the one!


Unum is another all-in-one platform! You can plan your Instagram grid with photos you already have AND create new ones with their huge template collection. Unum’s got a lot of features that’ll help you maintain your color map too! It’s almost like an internal brand kit that keeps all your photos totally cohesive. 

You can edit your photos and videos in-app as well. Once you have your perfect images, Unum will populate suggested captions and Instagram hashtags for your content! Then, you can schedule them to post or store them in your media library. 

You get regular insights like you do with Sked, so you can build your content calendar based on performance and aesthetics! With Unum, you can only post on Instagram and Facebook right now, and there is no option to post reels. But, they claim more platforms are coming soon!

We love Unum’s pricing because it’s personalized to you. You get what you pay for! Plans go from $4 for one user to $70 for more than ten. The platform is really advanced but sometimes runs slowly on our phones because of it. Overall, though, Unum is a solid Instagram grid planning app. 


Preview is the Instagram planning app that has every feature you could possibly dream of. It comes at a great price too! The best part is, there’s a generous free option that allows for unlimited posts. And, if you want a premium package, you’ll only be out $4-$14 a month. 

Preview is only for Instagram, unfortunately. So if you’re looking to manage multiple accounts, this wouldn’t be the right fit. But, for planning Instagram grids and other features IG related, this app can’t be beaten! You can plan, edit, schedule, and post photos, albums, reels, IGTV, and stories. 

You can also drag and drop to arrange your grid before you post. This way, you know that every new post will look perfect on your feed. Additionally, you can regram tagged posts or past content straight from the Preview app, which is a feature on only a few of these apps. 

If all that still isn’t enough, they have a tool to find the best hashtags, and you can even tag people and locations. Plus, if someone comments or sends you a message, Preview will allow you to respond right there in the app.

Lastly, there is weekly analytics to help you determine what kind of posts people like best. And, if you have a team, all of you can collaborate on the same account. When you consider all those tools, functions, and features: How perfect is this app?

List of the 7 The Best Apps to Plan Your Instagram Grid


Plann allows you to post on all the popular social channels, and this includes Insta stories and reel scheduling. Predicting what your feed will look like is super easy with their content planner and calendar functions. Plus, Plann has a color scheme manager to maintain aesthetics. And, it has some of the best editing tools for photos and videos to keep your feed perfectly branded and beautiful. 

Plann features handy insights and integrations that help you develop the perfect content for your Instagram page. Beyond that, Plann offers unique strategy planning tools that help inspire new branded content. This feature really takes some of the stress out of social media content creation! 

Like other apps on this list, Plann also has desktop and team functions. But, Plann has no media library for creating content in advance, and there isn’t a regram option. Other than that, planning your Insta grid couldn’t be easier! Plann has everything you need for between $9-$129 a month. A bargain for all this app has to offer.


If you’re looking for another one of those inexpensive apps to help you plan your Instagram grid, Planoly is a great option! You can drag and drop your future posts to see what would look best on your Instagram grid. You can also create more content right on the app using their stock photo library and creation lab! But, unfortunately, this app doesn’t include a photo editor. 

Planoly allows you to repost tagged photos too, which is a huge plus since the basic Instagram app doesn’t offer this feature. As you create content, you can store it all within the Planoly app. In just a few hours, you can get days and even weeks ahead on your social planning with their creation tools and scheduler! 

You can post on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. This includes Instagram reels and stories too! If followers comment or message you, Planoly will allow you to respond and interact in their app or on the desktop version. Planoly also includes insights and analytics to help you find the best content and the perfect posting schedule. 

This app ranges in price from $12-$37, monthly. All plans include full features, which is great for any of you just starting out! They instead limit the number of users, social sets, and uploads per month based on your membership plan. If you’re a solo micro influencer, you can get a ton of features for just $12 a month! A steal! 


Later is another popular social media planner! It features both a desktop and mobile version, which is great for busy bloggers and influencers that prefer a bigger screen to manage their content. You can post on all major social channels with their handy visual planner. For Instagram, you can clearly see your grid’s forecast and confirm it’s up to brand standards. 

Additionally, Later has a regram, suggested hashtag populator, and analytics function. Where Later falls behind is in its user experience. There are a lot of clicks to do a single post. Later also claims it does auto posts, but really they don’t. 

When it’s time to post, a notification pops up on your phone and you still have to click through Instagram to get it on your feed. You don’t have to create everything again, but you still have to hit the post, which defeats the purpose of a planner for many! 

Later costs between $15-$80 per month. They do have free versions, but the features are so limited, they function more as a trial than a truly free version of the app. Still, with any package, Later allows you to develop your aesthetically pleasing branded grid! 

The Best Apps to Plan Your Instagram Grid

Planning your Instagram grid is essential to gain a significant following, so grab one of these apps today to help you create your beautiful, branded Insta collage!

When potential followers travel to your profile, you want them to be immediately captured by the aesthetic mosaic that is your Instagram grid! This represents you and what you offer. And, it immediately excites people about your brand. But, when posting one photo at a time, it’s hard to visualize what your grid will look like in a few days or weeks. 

With a little preparation using one of these apps, you can plan your Instagram grid and curate the perfect likeness of your brand. Of course, gaining followers and growing your influencer status takes more than a well-curated photo series. So, check out our blog and Insta for all the best tips and tricks to grow your brand. 

We’re experts! We can help you reach your Influencer dreams, whether you want to go nano, micro, macro, or mega! InfluencerSEO is here to guide you along the way. 

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