What is an SEO Evaluation?

What is an SEO evaluation

When you’re running a blog or business, your website is everything. Your online presence is how the world connects with you and engages in your product or services. Whether you’re looking for sales or followers, a great website is the doorway to your thriving online business. 

But, how do you know if your website is performing well? There are so many factors that contribute to a healthy business, so it’s hard to know if your site is working for you or against you. However, with a comprehensive site audit, you can uncover the current state and standing of your website.

Once you understand what works and what doesn’t, you can develop an SEO strategy and bring your business to the next level. But, what is an SEO evaluation and how exactly does it help? Here’s what a SEO site audit is and how it can benefit you:

What is an SEO Evaluation?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. An SEO evaluation simply determines how well your site is formatted for performance on search engines like Google and Bing. Maybe you’re thinking, “What do search engines have to do with my brand?”

SEO is the key way that your website reaches people organically. When users search your topic, you want your website to pop up first on the search engine results pages (SERP). From these lists, people find you and become followers of your brand. 

However, this doesn’t happen overnight. Even if you have a high-quality product or service, search engines won’t pick up your website without some SEO effort. But, your expertise is in your niche, not search engine optimization. (That’s our niche!)

That’s why SEO analysis is necessary. It’ll show you exactly what you need to work on, so you can make the listed changes or hire someone to do it for you. Once you’ve updated your site, you’ll see big improvements in your traffic and performance. 

We’re going to talk a lot about SEO going forward, and all that jargon can be super confusing. Luckily, we have a term list for you here, so you can follow along with us! 

Importance of an SEO evaluation

Importance of SEO Audit

Understand how your website is performing. 

Website speed and functionality goes a long way. A social media post may grab someone’s attention. But, if when the user travels to your site, they wait FOREVER for the thing to open, they’ll just close it before your page even pops up. 

In reality, they were probably only waiting a few seconds. But, 90% of users will leave if the page takes longer than 5 seconds to open. And, what if the link is old and your user never finds their way to your page to begin with? They won’t go hunting for it! They’ll simply move on. 

The worst part is, you may not even know that your site is performing this way. You may think your product or service is the reason you’re not maintaining traffic, when really it could be on- or off-page SEO and website issues like this! An audit will tell you what’s going on, so there is no more second guessing. 

Determine what needs improvement or support.

Even if your site is performing well, it may not be ranking well. The fact is, over 90% of websites get ZERO organic traffic from Google. That’s right! So, without the proper SEO tools, your website could be just taking up cyberspace, but doing nothing to gain new customers. 

A site audit will reveal all the places where search engine optimization could boost your chances of not only ranking, but ranking somewhere on the first page. Once you’re there, acquiring new followers or customers doesn’t have to break the bank or come from a lot of extra work. Instead, new visitors flock to you through your great content. Those great posts will keep that traffic coming!

Learn what pages are generating the most traffic. 

Which pages on your site do the most for you? Knowing the pages that are producing the highest conversion rates gives you insight into your follower’s minds. When you understand what your followers respond well to, you can make sure you create more great content like what’s on those important pages!

An SEO evaluation will tell you all your best performing pages. If there aren’t many, we can help you get a blog going that’ll create a ton of additional indexed pages for you. The more content, the more opportunities to improve your ranking! 

Understand your SERP ranking.

When you do a site audit, you’ll get lots of details on your SERP ranking. Remember, SERP means search engine results pages. The evaluation will tell you your overall ranking, specific page rankings, and your targeted keyword rankings! 

A specific keyword might be drawing lots of users to your website you don’t even know about. When you see you’re popular with that phrase, you can be sure to use it strategically on future pages! It might even provide some insight about your follower’s demographics and search intent, which will help you with other parts of marketing as well.  

Get an in-depth feel of your site’s user experience.

How does a new visitor experience your site? From the very first moment they see your listing on Google, what does it look like? What words draw their attention? Once they click the link, does it load quickly? Is it accessible if they have a disability? How easy is it to navigate to the next piece of content? Also, how credible do you seem?

Believe it or not, all this can be determined in a site audit using data. You’ll have inarguable analytics that tell you exactly how the user is experiencing your website. Once you determine what you don’t like about that encounter, you can change it with the help of the comprehensive report! 

Know what you don’t know. 

As the phrase goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. There are so many intricacies to SEO, and, as we’ve established, you’re probably not an SEO expert. How could you know how to do everything right on your website without guidance and training? 

This is exactly what an SEO audit helps with. It tells you what you need to learn or where you need to get help. When you see the site review mentioning anchor text, 301 redirects, link building, etc. you know where to start or what to tell an SEO optimization service you need. 

The SEO audit provides you with the rights and wrongs of your website. It also features the exact language you can use to start working towards optimization. It’s an incredible resource for a website at any stage. 

How to get a free website evaluation

Get a Free Website SEO Evaluation 

SEO evaluations don’t always come cheap, but this one does! InfluencerSEO has a totally free search engine optimization evaluation that will produce a comprehensive list of all things SEO and performance related. From there, you can tackle each line-item yourself by researching each topic and doing the complicated back-end work yourself. Or, you can hire a service! 

InfluencerSEO has two optimization packages. Our “Optimize” service provides weekly SEO reports and automatically optimizes 8 of your blog posts. (If your website doesn’t have a blog yet, check out this post.) 

Our “strategize” package ensures you’re 100% optimized! You get the 8 posts and the weekly update, but you also get keyword research, competition analysis, optimized blog outlines, site health recommendations, and extensive tracking and performance reports. It really is the best way to enhance your website and build your brand.

So, don’t delay. Get that free evaluation, so you can start developing your SEO strategy for the coming months. It’s at no cost to you and includes all the information you see below:

What’s Included In Our Free SEO Evaluation?

  • Total rankings
  • Top page one rankings
  • SEO rankings trend
  • Estimated dollar value of your current rankings
  • Estimated monthly page views from SEO
  • Site health score
  • Site errors
  • Broken links (internal and external)
  • Site warnings
  • Issues with mixed content
  • Content gaps
  • Duplicate content
  • Duplicate title tags and meta descriptions
  • Pages that have too much text in title tags
  • Pages that don’t have enough text in title tags
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Broken internal images
  • Broken external images
  • Images missing alt text
  • Redirect loops / chains
  • Http links on https pages
  • Pages with low word count
Benefits of a free website evaluation
A free SEO evaluation gives you all the info you need to take your website to the next level!

Are you ready to make your website the platform you always dreamed of? It starts with an SEO evaluation! You need users to find your site, and with great optimization, they’ll navigate their way to you in no time. 

Get our free eval today, and don’t forget to read the rest of our posts. We have hours of material that makes DIY SEO super simple and even a little fun. No matter your blogging and website needs, InfluencerSEO can help!

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