How To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

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The world of blogging is hardly a cutthroat industry. Since every brand has its own personality, it rarely feels like you’re dealing with direct competitors. Instead, you and other bloggers in your niche are like a tight-knit community of voices with the same mission. And, because each blogger is an individual with a unique perspective, most readers will read many blogs on the same topic. 

This is good news for bloggers! Because successful collaboration and networking with other influencers, can get you a direct line to their follower base. Their readers are already interested in your topics, so winning them over is just a matter of getting in front of them. This is where blog collabs come in! 

Bloggers Collaboration

A blog collaboration is a coordinated post between you and another blogger that mutually benefits your platforms. It’s like, “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine.” It’s one of the best ways to link build, gain credibility, and grow your readership! Here are some collab ideas from the InfluencerSEO team:

A list of ways to collaborate with other bloggers

How To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Guest post on each other’s blogs. 

Guest posting is one of the easiest ways for you to collaborate with another influencer! They simply write a post for your website, and you write one for theirs. It isn’t especially time-consuming and doesn’t require extra work, since each of you is taking on posting responsibility for the other that week. And, it drives a lot of new interest to both of your blogs. Definitely consider accepting guest posts on your site!

Cross promotion on email newsletters.

Do you ever set up an email newsletter and feel like there’s just not a lot on it? Is there a lot more space for relevant content . . . but you don’t have the time or resources to develop that content? 

Well, ask another blogger if they’d be interested in being promoted on your newsletter in exchange for a promotion on their newsletter. Be sure that the collaboration is relevant to your brand and organic, and consider tagging it as sponsored content. It gives your emails more body, and your content reaches a whole new email list of people already interested in your niche.

Interview other bloggers for your post.

Interviews are another effective way of collaborating with another influencer. You could simply interview them as a “get to know you” post. Or, even better, we recommend covering a theme that’s relevant to your viewers. Then, their answers to the questions can easily become your next blog post!

The interesting conversation and perspective will engage your readers. And, the followers of the other influencer will come to your site to see what their favorite blogger had to say on your post. You cast a wide net when you interview another blogger!

Create content round-up articles. 

If you’re struggling to find other influencers willing to work with you at this stage, consider creating a content round-up post! Make the title something like “15 Best Fitness Blogs for Women,” and then link to other blogs in your network. 

When you start posting to social channels, be sure to tag those influencers to gain the attention of both that blogger and their readership. This will help you develop credibility and build relationships with potential collaborators as well as other bloggers. 

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Collaborate on a content series. 

Doing a content series on your own is a lot of work, but when you work with brands like yours to split the work can make it more manageable and provide additional benefits. Find a blogger you want to work with, and come up with a topic that you could cover over 4-6 weeks of blog posts. 

Then, split the work in half! They write half the posts, and you write half the posts. All the articles should center on the same topic, of course, and build on each week. This will bring readers from both blogs back week after week to indulge in the lengthy series! 

Join a mastermind group. 

This one doesn’t have anything to do with posting on your blog, but it has everything to do with community! A mastermind group is a network of bloggers that support one another. It may be just moral support, but often they deliver search engine optimization (SEO) tips, social media interaction, and general feedback that can help with growing your audience and your brand. 

Finding a group of blogging masterminds will give you a place to ask the hard questions and vent when things get tough. You can find these on Facebook or form your own by reaching out to bloggers on their social channels. 

Review a product or service.

Is there a product or service another blogger in your network sells that you just love? If so, consider writing a review! Giving a detailed review will drive more traffic to that other blogger, but it’ll also boost your own blog in the long run. It’s very likely the blogger will see what you did for them and return the favor. Plus, readers much prefer learning about new products and services through blogs. 

Additionally, reviewing a product or service makes you seem more knowledgeable, authentic, and caring. You’re looking out for your followers, ensuring they have this resource. And simultaneously, you’re also looking out for fellow bloggers! Your target audience will love this, which is why reviewing another blogger’s product or service is a total win-win for everyone involved. 

Host a giveaway. 

Finally, consider hosting a giveaway! Each party contributes to the giveaway, and both parties promote it on their respective socials and website. Now, both blogger’s audiences will see new names on all these giveaway posts and travel to those blogs. If they’re already in the niche, chances are they will like your blog too and become lifelong followers.

Collaborating with bloggers is a great way to boost follower numbers, credibility, and confidence
Collaborating with bloggers is a great way to boost follower numbers, credibility, and confidence! 

Do you have some bloggers in mind that you hope to collaborate with? We’re sure you all have someone in your mind that matches your vibe well. Reach out to them and let them know the benefits of collaborating. And when you do reach out, don’t forget to include a call to action. Explain what they have to gain by collaborating with you.

And, if you really want to help them grow, send them a link to the InfluencerSEO blog where we share regular tips to help you grow your blog, reach a wider audience, and establish your brand. Let’s make this thing big together! 

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