23 Gift Ideas For YouTubers

Gift Ideas for Youtubers

Anyone can be a YouTuber. Since YouTube’s conception in 2005, people of all ages have been inspired to start their own video channel and share their content with the world. And, having your own channel has quickly moved from a casual hobby to a lifelong career aspiration. 

Naturally, when the holiday season rolls around and you’re thinking about thoughtful gifts for those you love, you consider their greatest passions. So, what do you get the YouTuber’s in your life? We have a gift guide perfect for aspiring YouTubers or big YouTube stars. Here are 23 gifts for YouTubers and vloggers for you to give this Christmas: 

23 Gift Ideas For YouTubers

Sennheiser Headphones

A pair of high quality headphones is always appreciated by a YouTuber. They’re frequently missing a pair, forgetting a pair, or sharing a pair, so don’t be afraid to give them something you know they already have! Plus, these Sennheiser headphones are the best of the best. So, after this Christmas gift, you might find your friend is tossing their old pair and opting for yours! 

Adjustable Laptop Stand

When you’re a YouTuber, you spend a lot of time in front of a screen. If your loved one is a laptop user, this can put a ton of strain on the back and neck. Because, with a laptop, you’re naturally hunched over, looking at your screen. It’s not ergonomic. After hours of filming, editing, producing, and uploading, your friend will wish they had a laptop stand like this to maintain posture and relieve pain! 

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

YouTubing often takes your friend or family member on the go. Whether they’re filming on set, responding to fan comments at a coffee shop, or even taking a break and playing a video game on their phone, they’re bound to encounter a situation in which they wish they had a keyboard to make things easier. There’s nothing more irritating than typing out long messages and editing content on a tiny screen. Because of this, a foldable bluetooth keyboard makes a great gift for a YouTuber! Super compact and super functional! 

Leather Laptop Bag

Camera. Laptop. Microphone. Headphones. Script. Props. Chances are, the YouTuber in your life has a lot of stuff they use when filming. A bag made from premium materials like this leather one has a ton of space for your computer and tech accessories, and can also fit the YouTuber’s personal items, tools, and props! All their stuff, all in one place. Whether they’re vlogging or doing makeup tutorials, they’ll get tons of use out of a great messenger bag like this. 

Vlogging Digital Camera

This one might not be at the top of the list for a seasoned YouTuber who’s already financially committed to their channel, since they probably have high quality phone cameras with accessories to film their content. But, if your loved one is a beginner, this digital video camera has great video quality and high-quality sound for the price, and it’s super handy! 

Since it’s a vlogging camera, the viewing screen flips around, so you can see what you’re filming! It comes with a 32G SD card and films in stunning 4k. The best part? You get all this for under $150! A total steal! 

Gift Ideas for Youtubers

Lens Cap Straps

This may not be something you understand if you’re not into film or photography, but losing lens caps is a real struggle. They’re so easy to set down somewhere and forget. These universal straps keep lens caps tethered to your camera even when they’re not in use! This is a super simple gift that’ll be much appreciated. 

Govee Smart LED Lamp

This Govee light may not be a full lighting kit, but the customizable color schemes and minimalist style definitely turn a room from a drab office to a YouTube studio! The LED light can be controlled from your smartphone, so you can set the aesthetic anytime from anywhere. 

On Air Light Sign

If your loved one makes YouTube videos in a house or studio with other people, they’ve probably dealt with people walking in and interrupting takes. This is super frustrating! No matter how big you are as a YouTuber, having this light to indicate when you’re filming is super helpful. Plus, it has a cool vibe that makes you feel like a real pro. 

Rode VideoMicro Compact Camera Mic

The Rode Videomic is the shotgun mic for your camera. Most digital cameras don’t have great audio quality as is, so adding this attachable mini mic will ensure your YouTuber produces high-quality video AND audio every time. And, if your loved one makes content using their iPhone, Rode also has an Apple mic! SO handy! 

Joby GorillaPod Tripod

The Joby tripod is super sturdy and can be manipulated to stand or hang on almost any object or surface. The bendable legs and secure mount make it a must have for filming on the go. If your YouTuber is adventurous with their videos and locations, definitely grab this videography treasure! 

Editing Software

Editing software is vital for a great quality YouTube channel. If your friend already has editing software, don’t try to persuade them to try a new one, but consider getting them a gift card that pays for a few months of their membership! 

If they are new to YouTubing, and they’re still using free software, consider grabbing them PowerDirector 365, Adobe Premiere Pro, or DaVinci Resolve! All of these are super user-friendly yet hold all the functions you could ever need as a YouTuber!

Desk Organizer 

That pesky desk space can get messy. Between pens, stationery, cables, cameras, and tools, a YouTuber’s desk is often a total disaster. A high quality, large organizer like this is perfect for keeping things tidy! And, for keeping track of important things (like those lens caps that like to disappear.) 

Vlogger gift ideas

Portable Power Station

If your YouTuber films in lots of different locations, this power station could be a total game changer! No more stopping mid-video to find a place to recharge. They can bring their own power to any site, whether it’s a camping adventure or a foreign escapade. 

This thing charges in under an hour, and then it’s ready to charge your phone 19 times, your camera 13 times, or laptop 3.5 times. Wouldn’t we all find this handy from time to time?

Charging Mat

This charging mat is super aesthetic and useful for any techy person in your life. This monogrammed leather charging station can sit on your friend’s desk without jeopardizing the vibe of their space. Then, if their phone needs juiced up while working, they can simply drop it on the mat and utilize the phone’s wireless charging capabilities! 

Skyfloat Tablet and Phone Holder

Too many cords, cables, and stands can threaten a studio’s aesthetic and functionality. The Skyfloat allows you to suspend your phone or tablet from the ceiling to keep it out of the way, yet always handy when you need it! This is a great unique gift for those who do their videos inside their studio every time. 

Background Props

Speaking of a YouTube studio . . . some great props can really elevate the look of your loved one’s videos. Consider getting them some aesthetic props and decor to put in the background of their recording space. Here are some great choices to inspire your gift hunt:


Everyone needs coffee. And, if you’re trying to keep up with a regular upload schedule, you need it even more! Get the YouTuber in your life some high quality coffee for a gift that’s always appreciated. 

Stationery Set

Not every part of running a YouTube channel is digital. In fact, sometimes you need to get a little analog to gain inspiration and motivation! With a stationary set, your YouTuber can stay on task, record ideas, and keep track of their uploading schedule. 

Portable Second Monitor

Editing on a small screen can be really annoying. Yet, having the extra clutter of a second monitor on your desk isn’t always what a YouTuber wants either. That makes this portable second monitor the perfect gift! They can fold it up when it’s not in use, set it up quickly when they need it, AND take it on the go. 

Inspiring Photography Books

Exerting your creative effort all the time when running a YouTube channel can be exhausting. Getting inspirational, visual photography books can revive your loved one’s drive when nights get late and writer’s block sets in. Good coffee table books will give them a great outlet to relax for a moment and restore motivation! 

Gifts for Youtubers

Desktop Dry Erase Board

When editing or writing, your YouTuber might have a sudden breakthrough! (Or, they might need to remember an appointment they scheduled for next week.) This desktop dry erase board can keep them organized without paper clutter. 

Grid-It Tech Organizer

Though the world has gone mostly wireless, when running a YouTube channel, a person uses a ton of cables, cords, and tools. It’s so hard to store all those things safely, and often they end up in tangled messes as your YouTuber travels from place to place. 

Grid-It Tech Organizers are definitely the solution! They slide easily into a backpack or messenger bag, and they safely keep all your cords contained without damaging them. Amazing! 

Moleskine Project Planner

Running a YouTube channel takes a lot of planning. Whether it’s a certain video series that needs lots of research or an interview panel that needs a lot of coordination, your YouTuber has information to collect and organize. 

Luckily, the legendary notebook brand Moleskine has a project planner that’s perfect for forming any big planning that your YouTuber needs to do! And, if you want to make it really special, monogram it! 

Give the YouTuber in your life something thoughtful, practical, and totally cool!

Finding the right gift for someone can be difficult when you’re not into the same hobbies. So, if you were racking your brain over what to get the YouTubers in your life, we hope this guide helped you make your choice! And, if you ARE a YouTuber, we hope this helped you make that Christmas list your parents have been begging you for. 

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