Top Questions: What To Ask SEO Consultants

what to ask seo consultant

So, you’re interested in hiring an SEO consultant but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we know EXACTLY what you should be looking for in an SEO team. Knowing what to ask an SEO consultant is KEY to making sure you get services that drive RESULTS. SEO can be a bit technical. So knowing what questions to ask, and having an idea of the answers you’d like to hear is really going to set you up for success.

Before we dive in, let’s cover some basics. 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of creating search engine friendly websites and blog content  in order to earn traffic organically through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When you practice SEO, search engines are more likely to showcase your content in their search results, and you end up building a consistent stream of traffic flowing to your website. One little pro tip… if you’re new to SEO and considering working with an SEO consultant, you first might want to check out this list of SEO terms defined, so you know the lingo.

So why is SEO so important for influencers, bloggers, content creators, coaches, and honestly anyone that is trying to sell anything online? Glad you asked! Because SEO is essentially the foundation of your success online and is by far the best investment you can make in your business. 

SEO will attract your target audience so that THEY COME TO YOU, consistently, and organically. No ads or TikTok dances necessary here, friends. Don’t believe us? Just check out these stats on SEO vs social media and this growth comparison of using SEO vs social media to grow your traffic

Okay so if you weren’t fully convinced that you want to work with an SEO specialist when you came to this post, hopefully you are now. Which means it’s high time to jump into the list of questions you should ask an SEO consultant before hiring them. In this list we’ll give you the questions, plus the general answers, so you’re armed with information as you begin your SEO journey.

This is where we jump in to help! Finding the right SEO professional or SEO agency can put your blog on the map without you having to do the hard yards. They can help get your website in check, make your blog a business, and help you crush your blogging goals!

top questions what to ask seo consultants

Top Questions: What To Ask SEO Consultants

What is your minimum monthly commitment and cancellation policy?

I’m putting this one RIGHT at the top because, yikes! This is a big one. Sooo many SEO companies and consultants lock clients into a long term contract, with unreasonable cancellation notices. Which is wild because, if you’re able to get results, why would you need to lock a client into something so hard to get out of if it’s not going well? You need to know exactly how long you’re required to commit for, what it would take if you want to get out early, and when you need to provide notice if you want to cancel.

At InfluencerSEO, we have no minimum monthly commitments. We are month to month and only require 5 day notice to cancel before the end of the month. We believe that a client-friendly cancellation policy is honestly the biggest flex as an SEO agency. We’re confident you’ll love our services. But if not, no hard feelings and we would not want to lock you in!

What are the best SEO practices?

This is a super important question as it can weed out the good from the best. It is so important that the consultant or agency you choose is up-to-date with the latest and best SEO practices. The online world is constantly changing. So staying aware of the changes AND being able to implement them for clients is KEY.

Make sure you avoid anyone that practices black hat SEO tactics. If they mention buying links in bulk, using community forums to drive traffic to your website, cloaking, content spinning, or keyword stuffing, those are some big red flags.

Truly, there are hundreds of SEO tactics out there. But there are some tried and true basic strategies that can easily be implemented.

What services do you provide?

When hiring an SEO consultant, it is super important to know what you need, and what they can offer you as a client. Asking this question is crucial, but it is a good idea to know what you may need them to do. For example, are you looking for the whole A to Z from keyword research, to link building, to page optimization, or do you only need specific services? Finding an agency that offers SEO packages is often the best route for influencers, businesses, and everyone in between as they provide everything you need to thrive.

One red flag we think you should be on the lookout for is if your SEO consultant simply recommends “optimizing your website.” Yes, this is of course important, but simply optimizing your website pages isn’t going to help you GROW at scale. It’s a best practice, but its not a huge GROWTH driver, if you catch my drift.

What you really want is for your SEO professional to say that they are focused on helping you create consistent high quality, strategic blog content. You want them to be able to hone in on your niche, go after the best keywords for your audience, create and optimize your content for SEO friendliness, readability, and competitiveness. That’s what is truly going to move the needle and help you reach MORE people to scale your business.

Which SEO tools do you use?

When it comes to SEO, some tools really are better than others. While not everyone may agree, consultants using only free tools likely won’t have access to the best information possible. So make sure they’re actually investing in high quality SEO tools and software. If someone makes a living on helping people like you, they be willing to invest in the best SEO tools possible to get the job done.

Second, we believe it’s important for SEO consultants to use MULTIPLE tools. The best paid tools have various features, and have slightly different information. So in order to truly build the best strategy for clients, you should use multiple tools to really get the best from each tool and clear picture.  

How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?

THIS. IS. A. BIG. ONE. We’ll be real with you that there are A LOT of SEO’s that get away with not tracking AND reporting results regularly. Which is wild because… it’s the internet. EVERYTHING is documentable and trackable. At InfluencerSEO for example, all of our clients in the Strategize Package receive WEEKLY reports with their results listed out and deliverables.

Simply giving something a go and hoping for the best is NOT enough. Your SEO consultant needs to know what they’re doing and what success looks like. By asking this question, you are seeking assurance that they can do a great job and see even better results.

You can even ask them what clients they have worked with in the past so that you can see for yourself. A reputable agency will be more than happy to show you how they measure their success. 

What are the biggest SEO mistakes people make?

Just like there is room to do very well, there is room to do the wrong thing when it comes to your SEO strategy. Basically, you can ask about the biggest SEO mistakes people make if you plan to do some of the legwork to make sure you can avoid them. 

What To Ask SEO Consultants top questions

Have you worked with someone in my industry before?

While it isn’t a deal breaker if an SEO consultant hasn’t worked in your industry before, it is so important that they’re able to work in a variety of different industries. A lot of industries benefit from SEO, but it needs to be done right. You want to make sure that they can quickly learn about your industry and create the results you want.

It is our opinion that the best SEO agencies have a specialization. So for example, we specialize in influencers – think bloggers, content creators, coaches, speakers, thought leaders, or anyone that is trying to sell anything online. Another specialization would be local SEO. If you have a local business you would probably want someone that specializes in that because reaching a geographical audience is totally different than reaching an audience based on interests. Another specialization could be medical or legal services SEO. Which might require some high level knowledge of the industry in order to be effective. So keep that in mind!

What is your experience in SEO?

Obviously, you want to know that your SEO consultant ACTUALLY has experience. SEO is one thing you want to do right from the start so that you can see the best results possible. A good SEO consultant will be more than happy to show you their work, talk about their experience, and show you proof.

How do you stay up-to-date with changes in SEO?

As we’ve said a few times now, the online world is ALWAYS changing. It’s crucial to select a consultant who stays current with SEO changes to ensure ongoing success. Their commitment to staying updated underscores their dedication to optimizing your investment, time, and efforts effectively.

At InfluencerSEO, we constantly adjust our clients strategy based on new trends, data, announcements, and information. We also regularly keep our clients updated on changing trends via social media. For example, check out this reel we made as AI Overviews were rolling out on search results.

Do you have examples of past client success?

Any good SEO consultant should have a portfolio of clients that they can show you. You can ask for references, do some research yourself, and dive into any specific clients they have had that you’re curious about.  You can ask them for testimonials or case studies too! Some consultants will also have before and after comparisons to show you. If they’re hesitant, this could be a sign that they don’t have references to share. 

Is SEO more effective than social media?

Asking if SEO is more effective than social media is a great question that can open up an insightful discussion. The reality is, both are great and make a difference in different ways. We always say that you should use the tools in your toolbox wisely. Which means you’d use SEO to grow your website traffic at scale and reach NEW people that are outside of your current audience. Then you use social media to connect with your current audience, the people who already know who you are, and strengthen your bond with them so they’re more likely to convert. More on that HERE. It is worth pursuing both channels to get the best out of your blog. By asking this question, you are gauging your consultants expertise and their ability to create a good overall marketing strategy.

However, any SEO will know that without a doubt, SEO is going to drive more traffic. And it’s also going to provide more sustainable long term traffic. That is because the typical lifespan of a social media post is about 24-48 hours, a week or so max. While the lifespan of a ranking blog post is 2-5 years! The compounding effect of SEO makes it the clear winner for sustainable marketing at scale.

What is your pricing structure?

Sometimes it can feel a bit icky to talk about money. But don’t be afraid to ask your consultant about their pricing structure. It is important to remember that good SEO does come at a price. But if you do your research, you will quickly understand what is reasonable and what is simply ridiculous.

InfluencerSEO, for example, has monthly pricing starting at $99 per month. Our most popular package is the Strategize SEO Package at $399 per month. 

How long will it be until I see results?

It is definitely not unreasonable to want to know when you’ll be able to see results. After all, nobody wants to spend money and notice no change! When you ask about the timeline, you can also learn a lot about your consultants’ transparency and what kind of expectations you can have.

Generally you won’t notice a change overnight as SEO is more of a long-term effort. But you will notice some smaller changes sooner. This will vary between consultants, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Keep in mind, your growth and results will always depend on where you are starting, the niche you’re in and how competitive it is, and how consistent you are with content creation. To see how quickly you can grow with SEO, see this POST.

What can I do to help make the project more successful?

Understanding from the very beginning what your role is will make for a far more transparent relationship. Communication is key, and your consultant will be more than happy to share with you what they need. This will vary between agencies and consultants. But usually, all the hard work is done for you, and you get to enjoy the success!

Your agent may ask for access to the following:

How many SEO consultants will I be directly working with?

Knowing who you will be working with is the key. After all, you want to build a relationship with someone and not be constantly changing between people.

It’s key for understanding your audience size and the level of personalized attention you’ll get. The answer to this will vary based on your needs and the way the seo expert works. 

At InfluencerSEO, each client has a dedicated Blogger Account Manager overseeing their strategy and results.

What is your process for keyword research?

Keywords can be a little tricky because you may not know where to look, how many keywords to use, if they’re case sensitive, what is their strategy for choosing keywords, and more. However, when it comes to search engine rankings, keyword research and correct usage is so important. 

We always tell our clients that our keyword research strategy is anything but basic. You want to avoid anyone that looks for keywords simply based on how relevant it is to your niche, and how much volume it has. That is like, the bare minimum friends. Indeed, starting with that is essential. Additionally, we examine the keyword’s competitiveness, manually review current rankings, assess the potential to outrank competitors, and conduct in-depth keyword targeting for content creation. So, it’s a process to say the least. If your consultant sends you a list of keywords and nothing else, I’d pass on working with them.

Just like we said above, make sure you opt for a consultant who invests in good tools, not someone who only uses free tools. After all, keywords set the groundwork for a solid SEO campaign.

Successful SEO is all about finding the right people, the right price, and the right strategy for your needs.

Got questions? Ask us today!

There you have it, folks! The most important questions to ask an SEO company when looking to find a good seo consultant. Successful SEO is all about finding the right people, the right price, and the right strategy for your needs. And if you’re looking for a great SEO team, you’ve found us!

Get in touch with us today to see if we can help you with your SEO strategy, blogging needs, and so much more!

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