What Is A Pinterest Manager?

what is a pinterest manager

Bloggers and business owners are quick to use social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to drive traffic to their websites, but many of them overlook the power of Pinterest. With almost half a billion monthly users, Pinterest offers vast opportunities for websites looking to promote their services, products, or content. 

We get it; running a business or a blog requires a lot of work and wearing many different hats. Learning how to use Pinterest in an effort to reach business goals is another scoop added to an overflowing plate of tasks and responsibilities. That’s why so many business owners choose to hire a Pinterest manager. 

Working with an individual who knows Pinterest like the back of their hand and can maximize the platform’s tools and features to promote websites and businesses is a strategic investment for driving traffic and increasing revenue. 

We’re diving into the details of what a Pinterest manager does and how you can even start a offering Pinterest management services if you’re looking to jump into a new career! 

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what is a pinterest manager

What Is A Pinterest Manager?

A Pinterest manager is responsible for managing a Pinterest account for a blog or business. They create and schedule pins that are optimized to drive traffic to their client’s websites

Managing an existing Pinterest account takes a lot of work, especially when you have other things to focus on. A Pinterest manager takes on the responsibility of creating a Pinterest strategy, conducting keywords research, work on pin designs, schedule pins, and ensure all of the unique features the platform offers are utilized to promote their client’s sites. 

While many full-time social media managers offer Pinterest management, it doesn’t mean they are Pinterest managers. By nature, a Pinterest manager solely focuses on all things Pinterest. They are skilled experts in the innovative and effective platform; it’s really their bread and butter! 

So, if social media managers aren’t Pinterest managers, are Pinterest VAs considered Pinterest managers? Not necessarily! 

what is a pintersest manager

A large part of a Pinterest manager’s role is to create a Pinterest strategy. This includes researching highly-searched keywords, testing different pin designs, and trying different copy and language when posting to fully optimize their client’s pins. 

While a Pinterest VA can lighten a business owner’s load with designing attractive pins and uploading them to their Pinterest profile and designated boards, they lack the benefit of building an effective strategy for the client to get the most out of using Pinterest. 

When you hire a Pinterest manager, you can expect thorough strategic decisions with a clear goal to increase website traffic and overall revenue for your blog or business. 

How To Become A Pinterest Manager.

If you’re looking to break into a new career as a Pinterest manager and optimize pins to drive more traffic to websites and businesses, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do just that. 

Step 1: Research the Pinterest services you want to offer.

The beauty of becoming a Pinterest manager is choosing exactly which services you want to offer as a Pinterest specialist. You can offer monthly pinterest management packages, initial setup packages, or just creating eye catching pin designs. The choice is yours! 

Some common services Pinterest managers offer include:

  • Pinterest Strategy Creation – Research effective strategies to create optimized and popular pins
  • Pin Design & Creation – Design attractive pins to drive traffic 
  • Pinterest Profile or Account Setup – Create the initial Pinterest account and add all necessary information
  • Keyword Research & Optimization – Find highly-searched keywords related to the website’s niche to create keyword rich pins
  • Analytics Tracking – Comprehend Pinterest analytics to make data-driven decisions about optimizing the profile and pins
  • Profile & Pin Optimization – Analyze profile and pin performance based on pin design, keyword optimization, and more
  • Content Calendar Creation – Plan pin and content ideas in advance and schedule or post as necessary
  • Community Engagement – Respond to comments and questions left on pins by viewers while engaging with other Pinterest users in the niche by contributing to group boards

Step 2: Create a free portfolio on Pinterest.

There is no better way to showcase your skills as a Pinterest manager than promoting your services through Pinterest yourself! The next thing you want to do after determining your services is create a professional Pinterst account. 

Remember, you want people to be sold on you based on your Pinterest page, so show off your epic impressive writing, design, and optimization skills by creating pins for various niches. (Some of the most popular niches on Pinterest include home decor, beauty, wellness, travel, food and recipes, fashion, gardening, wedding planning, and parenting.) 

Put these pins in organized boards, ensure they’re 100% search engine optimized for Pinterset, and show your potential clients you know your stuff!

Step 3: Research potential clients and determine your niche.

Take some time to research and determine what kind of clients you’re hoping to attract. Are you hoping to attract marketing companies? Small businesses? Influencers? Figure out what kind of people hire a Pinterset manager, get to know their needs, and refine your approach to serve that clientbase!

Step 4: Assess the competition and take inspiration from them.

If you’re not certain how to market yourself, find other successful Pinterest managers and assess what they’re doing! Of course, don’t copy it verbatim, because you want to stand out. However, you can find universal dos and don’ts that’ll help you find your future clients! Jot down everything you want to be a part of your Pinterest management business plan.

how to become a pinterest manager

Step 5: Create an optimized website and blog.

Building a website is an essential step in becoming a successful Pinterest manager! First of all, the website will help boost your credibility and authority. Second of all, it’s key to expanding your online visibility! Optimizing your web design, uploading SEO-friendly blog posts, and promoting your website on social media platforms can help people looking for Pinterest managers find you!

Basically, SEO works like this: You format and compose your content in a way that Google and other search engines deems as “high-quality.” Because search engines perceive your content as valuable, it’ll raise it up the search engine results pages for a ton of relevant searches like: “Best Pinterest managers” or “What does a Pinterest manager do?” 

When you rank high for these searches, finding clients gets WAY easier! So, ensure you build your website with SEO in mind and then post 1-5 times a week on the blog section of your site. And, don’t stress about building your website. It’s easy with services like WordPress! Here’s how to set up a website in WordPress.

Step 6: Market your Pinterest services. 

Now that you have your services locked down, have gathered your inspo, and have your website/blog all ready to go, it’s time to start marketing your services officially. Do this by posting optimized pins to your Pinterest page, uploading SEO-friendly blog posts, and promoting yourself on social media. 

Don’t forget to add the Pinterest Save Button to your website and claim your website on Pinterest! These two actions will help your Pinterest page and website work together to create compounding results for your marketing strategy!

Step 7: Stay consistent and track your progress.

Now, it’s time to just grind it out! Stay consistent, adapt when necessary, and use Google Analytics and other metrics to map your growth. Before you know it, you’ll be booked up! 

Make a business out of your Pintreset expertise!

Pinterest has become one of the most lucrative marketing platforms for everyone from influencers and bloggers to businesses big and small! This means a lot of people will be looking for Pinterest experts to help them make the most out of their social media efforts. That could totally be you with this guide!

For more need-to-know Pinterest tips and ways to market your business using SEO, head over to the InfluencerSEO blog. We’ve always got what you need!

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