Lisa Allen

Let me start by saying EVERYONE needs InfluencerSEO! I first met Jordan 3 years ago at a Pinterest meeting. I was incredibly impressed by her natural ability to not only understand, but explain the why’s and how’s of growing a blog. When I found out she was creating a new business, I jumped at the opportunity to work with her!

I recently sold my half of a successful site to create a new space on Salty Lashes. With Jordan providing SEO as well as taking the time to research content ideas, I feel at ease growing a new site. SEO is something that has always felt like a foreign language and a daunting task on top of my daily responsibilities. Thanks to Jordan it’s all taken care for me with weekly updates on my ranking and how well the site is performing. Numbers don’t lie, Jordan provides the best of the best in SEO for influencers.

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