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What is Alt Text

What Is Alt Text

All bloggers know the importance of including decorative images in their posts and other content. Images create an appealing aesthetic, visually showcase whatever you’re talking about, help break up your content, and give you additional content to distribute and share across other platforms. However, images also add SEO value. And when you’re adding images to your site, there is an SEO friendly, and not so SEO friendly way to do

how long should a blog post be for seo

How Long Should A Blog Post Be For SEO?

Our goal with these weekly blog posts is to remind you that SEO really is the fastest path to a successful career in the blogging world, to help break things down and make it more simple, plus answer some of the most burning questions coming from bloggers. So today we’re answering one of the most asked questions: How long should a blog post be for SEO? We’ll kick off this

SEO on Instagram

SEO on Instagram

Instagram is the fourth most used social media platform in the world. It’s a great place to connect with friends, build your brand, or promote your business. However, with 2 billion users across the globe, standing out and building a following is no easy task.  If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know we talk A LOT about search engine optimization. Often when we talk about SEO,

SEO Terms Definition List

SEO Terms Definition List

Knowing common SEO lingo is the first step towards improving your SEO game. You can’t efficiently improve your SEO if you don’t know the basics. So, think of this post as your go-to SEO terms definition list. Below, we’ve created a giant list of all the SEO terms you NEED to know. We’ve identified, defined, and hopefully provided some context for the most commonly used SEO terms to help you

Why SEO for bloggers is important

What Is SEO For Bloggers?

Our goal as a business that supports bloggers is to give you the very best insight into how to grow your blog and brand. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned blogger looking to double down, we’re here to help. Our goal is to inspire you to grow your community and make more money off your blog. So today, we’re answering one of our most frequently asked questions:

Influencer Marketing and SEO

Influencer Marketing and SEO

Marketing in the 2020s isn’t what it used to be! You no longer need to pay for TV ads, billboards, and flyers—even traditional social media ads don’t quite hit the consumer like they did before. But, this isn’t a bad thing! Modern strategies like influencer marketing offer an inexpensive and effective way to boost your search engine optimization and generate more loyal customers.  Since influencer marketing impacts your SEO, one

Search engine optimization for fashion bloggers

SEO For Fashion Bloggers

When you launch your blog out into the world wide web, it doesn’t take off overnight. With over 600 million blogs out there, optimizing your site for search engines is vital to get noticed and gain traffic. Of course, there are some basic SEO principles that work for all types of blogs, but it’s best to understand the nuances of your niche specifically to launch your blog to the next

Search engine optimization for food bloggers.

SEO for Food Bloggers

Even if someone isn’t an avid reader of blogs, chances are they read plenty of recipes online. In fact, nearly 90% of people say they search for recipes on the web, and those recipes are housed on food blogs like yours! This is one of the many reasons food bloggers make the highest income of any blogging niche. Your blog posts have the widest audience reach!  This also means, of

How to Optimize for Pinterest SEO

How to Optimize for Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is the second fastest growing social media platform out there. It’s a favorite destination for users looking for helpful articles, DIY inspiration, recipes, and fitness tips! The platform makes it easy to browse thousands of brands to find the content users want to explore and save. But, beyond a fun social media channel, Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool for bloggers like you.  We’ve discussed social media marketing in

SEO vs Social Media Marketing: Which is Better?

SEO vs Social Media: Which is Better

You have high quality content that people want to read. The trouble is connecting your content to your readers. To help your blog thrive, you need a good digital marketing strategy. Because with a good system, you can drive more lifelong readers to your website at a low cost. But, how do you do this? There are so many digital marketing strategies out there. So, finding the right one can

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