InfluencerSEO’s Referral Program

You’re invited to InfluencerSEO’s referral program!

This program is only offered to CURRENT CLIENTS enrolled in a subscription.

Here is a basic outline of how the referral program works. Please review our terms & conditions for a more detailed explanation.

How It Works:

  1. If you choose to sign up, you’ll receive a custom referral link via email. You can use your link as a way to refer us potential customers.
  2. Your referral link will track all sales generated from your link.
  3. All your successful referrals will earn you a referral fee based on the subscriptions your referrals successfully enroll for. A successful referral refers to a successful sign up that completes one month of services without cancellation or a request for a refund. It’s important to note that you must be a current active subscriber of InfluencerSEO’s services to earn these referral fees.
  4. The referral fees are paid out upon the completion of your referral’s first successful month. The referral fees are listed below.

Referral Fees for each Successful Subscription:

  • Optimize Package: $25
  • Strategize Package: $100
  • Strategize Plus Package: $125
  • Pinterest Optimize Package: $75
  • Pinterest Strategize Package: $175

In order to sign up follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Google Form with your payment info HERE.
  2. Enter your email in the provided space below.
  3. Accept our referral program Terms & Conditions below.
  4. Click the Sign Up button below.
  5. You’ll automatically receive your custom referral link via email.
  6. If you would like to coordinate a specific collaboration with us to further promote your affiliate link, simply reply to your referral link email ( ).

Referral Program Sign Up

  • You must use the same email as you used when signing up to be an InfluencerSEO client.

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