60 Mindfulness Blog Post Ideas

Mindfulness Blog Post Ideas

Mindfulness is all about being present and intentional. When you are mindful, you accept yourself, your emotions, and everything that’s happening and live in it with tranquility and harmony. In a go-go-go world, stopping and smelling the roses is definitely an acquired skill! And, with self-care trending, mindfulness is all the rage. Everyone wants a little peace and calm in their lives! 

So . . . where are people finding their guides to mindfulness? You guessed it – on blogs! This creates a great opportunity for you to add some super-trending content to your website. If you ask us, you should definitely consider adding mindfulness blog posts to your content calendar. And, if you need some ideas, here are dozens of mindfulness post ideas for mental and physical health:

Mindfulness Blog Post Ideas

60 Mindfulness Blog Post Ideas

Mindfulness Blog Posts for the Home

  • Tips for Decluttering for a More Peaceful Home
  • Plants to Fill Your Home With
  • Benefits of Legging in Natural Light in the Mornings
  • Proven Benefits of Making Your Bed
  • How to Create a Meditation Space in Your Home
  • Relaxing Scents for Your Home to Promote Mindfulness 
  • Tips for Balancing Function and Beauty 
  • Must-Have Products for Mindful Living 
  • Ways a Mindful Home Can Help with Stress Management 

Mindfulness Blog Posts for Work

  • When To Know if It’s Time for a Break
  • Affirmations to Fill Your WorkDay
  • Pros and Cons of Multitasking
  • Why You Should Take a Real Lunch Break
  • Unitasking vs Multitasking
  • How to Cultivate Humility in the Workplace
  • Tips for Adopting a Growth Mindset at Work
  • Mindful Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety at Work
  • How to Decompress After Work with a Self-Care Routine

Blog Posts for Relationship Mindfulness

  • Ways to Be a Better Friends
  • How to Say No to Things
  • How to Rebuild Trust in Relationships 
  • Ways to Better Remember People’s Names
  • How to Have More Meaningful Conversations 
  • How to Stop Judging and Start Focusing on the Good
  • Best Ways to Let Go of Past Grudges 
  • How to Spend Time Intentionally with Your Friends and Family
  • Ways to Be Generous Even When You’re Broke
  • Tips for Practicing Mindfulness in Dating
Mindfulness Blog Post Ideas List #1

Mindfulness Blog Posts for Mental Health

  • Ways to Incorporate “Play” Into Your Routine as an Adult
  • How to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle
  • Meditation Tips for Beginners
  • Pros and Cons of Social Media 
  • Tips for Identifying Your Feelings
  • Journaling Prompts for Gratitude 
  • Ways to Listen to Music Mindfully 
  • How to Do A Technology Detox
  • X Reasons to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Tips for Visualization and Manifesting 
  • X Quotes for Gratitude 
  • Mental Health Benefits of Drinking Water
  • Why You Should Actually Smile More
  • Breathing Techniques for a Calmer Mind 
  • Tips for Appreciating Yourself
  • Why Everyone Should Consider Therapy
  • Mindful Mantras for Everyday Life 
  • How to Filter Your Thoughts
  • Tips for Living in the Moment
  • Mental Health Benefits of Yoga
  • How to Slow Down Life
  • Why You Should Learn Something New This Month 
  • Best Books to Read for Mindfulness and Relaxation
  • How to Accept the Past and Focus on the Future
  • Best Teas for Your Unwinding Time
  • How to Start a Bullet Journal
  • Mental Health Benefits of Journaling 
  • Best Morning Routine for Mindfulness 
  • Top Meditation Techniques 

Blog Posts for Physical Health Mindfulness

  • How to Listen to Your Body
  • Example Sleep Routines to Follow
  • What is Mindful Eating and How Do You Do It?
  • Benefits of Going on a Walk By Yourself
  • X Amount Stretches You Should Be Doing Every Morning 
  • What is a Body Scan Exercise and How Do I Do It?
  • Outdoor Activities for Mindfulness
  • Physical Benefits of Mindfulness
  • How Mindfulness Can Improve Sleep
  • Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Daily Workout
Mindfulness Blog Post Ideas List #2

Best Mindfulness Blogs 

The Blissful Mind

The Blissful Mind is a blog all about feeling fulfilled. Catherine, the blogger behind The Blissful Mind, posts content on fulfillment, mindfulness, and self-care. It’s all about living a quieter, more peaceful life. The blogger will also post occasional personal stories and day-in-the-life content. We love it from a content perspective, but The Blissful Mind uses other smart techniques to capture readers and build a following as well! Let’s discuss…

The minute you enter the homepage, you see a bunch of AWESOME call-to-actions. She has creative and engaging CTAs that lead readers to her to things like a downloadable worksheet, printable self-care guides, her newsletter, a branded planner, and, most importantly, her blog! Doing this definitely helps her build followers, revenue, AND more loyal followers! Take inspo from her CTA game and check out our post on what makes a good call-to-action

Melli O’Brien

Melli O’Brien is a mental strength coach with her own method of helping people build strong minds and healthy lifestyles. Her blog covers a wide variety of topics from having difficult conversations to reconnecting with nature. If you want to post inspo, she’s definitely a good one to read. She is a mindfulness expert, first of all, and she has posts that could fit in any niche! 

Another thing we can all aspire to is Melli’s monetization and engagement skills. Her website is full of extra content and resources to make her blog more engaging for readers and more profitable for her bottom line. For extra free content, she has a podcast, example medications, 5-day challenges, and a masterclass. This helps her website become even more valuable to her readers! As she builds credibility, she can sell more coaching sessions and retreat tickets. Melli knows how to make a business out of blogging

Christina Tiplea: Embracing Simple

A lot of mindfulness blogs focus a lot on the abstract, but Christina Tiplea’s blog, Embracing Simple, focuses more on the practical. Personal development tips, home management techniques, and money-mastering guides all live on the Embracing Simple Blog! If your blog doesn’t focus as much on deep mental health struggles, definitely take inspiration from these mindfulness post ideas. 

You’ll also notice how Christina Tiplea includes a freebie with almost EVERY blog post. So, if a reader is considering reading the post, they are convinced to finally open that post with the useful freebie. Like in her post “7 Steps to Increase Self-Esteem & Find Inner Happiness” she has a free workbook printable! For new bloggers, this could be the perfect way to get more followers fast and provide TONS of value to your readers! 

Mindfulness blog posts are the perfect addition to your content calendar. 

With self-care trending and everyone focusing more on their mental health, mindfulness blog posts are a super smart addition to your post schedule. If you need more blog post inspiration, check out our lists for self-care blog post ideas and wellness blog post ideas! You can find even more seasonal and trendy ideas on the InfluencerSEO Blog. There, you’ll also find essential info on optimizing your posts to make them the most effective for your brand growth. Now . . . get to writing! 

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