How To Change Your Website Template on Squarespace

How To Change Your Website Template on Squarespace

When you think of Squarespace, what comes to mind is a superb website builder and hosting platform. It stands out as one of the useful tools for blogging today and it’s easy to see why. Squarespace provides a stress-free way for every and anyone to establish an online presence while making managing your website SUPER EASY!

Squarespace is home to several quality features, from the color scheme to the layout of the website. Each feature ensures that your website can be personalized to your own ultra-specific needs and tastes. Another defining feature is the drag-and-drop interface which makes customizing a website very easy. (Like easy peasy lemon squeezy.)

One of Squarespace’s most talked-about strengths remains its unique selection of templates. These templates offer stunning designs and quality layouts that can skyrocket your online ambitions. The beauty of Squarespace doesn’t just stop there; it also empowers you to change your website template as your brand grows. 

Today, we will be looking at the process of changing your website template on Squarespace, so your site can continue to shine as your business grows and evolves into the NEXT BIG THING.

How To Change Your Website Template on Squarespace

How To Change Your Website Template on Squarespace

Changing your website template on Squarespace is a straightforward process that allows you to give your site a fresh look. Whether you’re running an online store, blog, or portfolio, updating your template can rejuvenate your online presence. Follow these steps to make the switch:

Step 1: Assess your needs

Before going ahead to change your website template, you need to ask yourself “What am I trying to achieve?” Start by considering the type of website you’re running, your target audience, and the features you require. This step will help you choose the most suitable template from Squarespace’s extensive collection.

Step 2: Log into Squarespace

Visit the Squarespace website and log into your account using your credentials. You should have access to your website’s dashboard.

Step 3: Access your site settings

Within your Squarespace dashboard, locate and click on Settings. This will open a menu with various options for customizing your site.

Step 4: Choose Site Template

Under the Website tab in the Settings menu, you’ll find the Site Template option. Click on it to access the template selection interface.

Step 5: Browse through the templates

Squarespace offers a WIDE RANGE of website templates designed for different purposes, such as online stores, portfolios, blogs, and more. Browse through the available templates to find the new template that best suits YOUR unique needs.

Step 6: Install new template

Once you’ve found the template you like, click on it to select it. Squarespace will prompt you to confirm your selection. Click Install to set the new template for your site.

Step 7: Preview your new template

After installing the new template, click on Preview to see how it will appear on your live site. This allows you to make sure it aligns with your vision and content.

Steps How To Change Your Website Template on Squarespace

Step 8: Customize style settings

Templates in Squarespace 7.1 offer template-specific style settings, allowing you to fine-tune the template’s appearance. Explore these options to make your site uniquely yours.

Step 9: Add demo content (Optional)

Many Squarespace templates come with demo content that you can use as a starting point for your site. This can save you time and effort when building your new website.

Step 10: Publish your changes

Once you’re satisfied with the new template, click Save and then Publish to make it live on your site. Your visitors will now see the updated design.

Step 11: Consider Custom CSS (Advanced)

If you have advanced design needs, you can use custom CSS to further customize your template’s appearance. This step is optional and requires some coding knowledge.

Step 12: Preview mode

Throughout the process, you can use the Preview Mode to see how your changes will look before making them live on your site. This helps you fine-tune your design without affecting the live site.

Step 13: Review and Test

After changing your template, thoroughly review your website to ensure everything looks and functions as intended. Test all links, forms, and interactive elements to guarantee a seamless user experience.

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Best Squarespace Templates

Best Squarespace Templates

When it comes to creating a stunning website, choosing the right template is crucial. Squarespace, with its user-friendly interface and versatile templates, makes this process a literal breeze. Here are some of the best Squarespace templates available in version 7.1, suitable for various purposes. (Keep in mind, there are TONS more to explore, we’ve just chosen a few for example!)


The Brine template is known for its flexibility and clean design. It’s perfect for creating a wide range of websites, from blogs to online stores. The grid-based layout and style settings allow for extensive customization, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Brine’s adaptability and responsive design are its standout features. The template adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes, ensuring a great user experience (which is very important for SEO). It’s an excellent choice for businesses and creatives looking to showcase their work.

Brine is versatile enough for any website, but it shines particularly well for photographers, artists, and businesses wanting an elegant online store.

Brine Template


The Bedford template is a classic choice for those who prefer a timeless look. It’s easy to install, and you can click preview to see how your site will appear in real time. Its simplicity and compatibility with Squarespace version 7.0 to 7.1 make it a popular choice.

Bedford’s straightforwardness is its strength. It’s a great option for users who want to focus on content without getting overwhelmed by excessive style settings.

Bedford is an excellent option for bloggers, writers, or anyone seeking a clean and user-friendly template for their personal or professional website.

Bedford template


Foster is a template that excels in presenting images and visual content. It offers an immersive experience with cover pages that grab visitors’ attention immediately. This template is all about showcasing your work in style.

Foster’s visual impact and template-specific style settings make it stand out. If you want your website to be a visual feast, this template is worth considering.

Photographers, designers, and artists will appreciate Foster’s ability to showcase their portfolios effectively. It’s also great for businesses seeking to highlight their products with captivating imagery.

Foster template


Avenue is a modern and stylish template with a focus on simplicity. It offers a clean, grid-based layout that’s perfect for presenting your content in an organized manner.

Avenue’s minimalistic approach and easy customization through site styles make it appealing. It’s suitable for those who want a modern and professional-looking website.

Avenue is ideal for small businesses, consultants, and service providers who want a polished online presence. It’s also great for startups looking to make a strong first impression. 

These are just a few of the exceptional Squarespace templates available in version 7.1. Whether you’re creating an online store, a portfolio, or a blog, Squarespace’s templates feature a wealth of potential to impress your audience. Install a new template, click preview, and let your creativity shine through. Don’t forget to explore the template’s style settings and consider custom CSS to truly make your site unique.

Avenue template
There you have it – an easy guide on how to change your website template on Squarespace. 

Changing your Squarespace website template can breathe new life into your online presence. Whether you’re running an online store, blog, or portfolio, Squarespace’s templates feature a wealth of potential. Transform your website and create a more engaging experience for your potential clients with these templates. 

Make sure to back up your content and settings before making significant changes to your website, and ensure your new template aligns with your branding and content strategy.

Remember, with just a few clicks, you can transform the entire look and feel of your website. So go ahead, let your creativity shine, and make your Squarespace site truly one-of-a-kind! For more informative posts on Squarespace such as Squarespace SEO tips and how to change the font on Squarespace, consult our blog.

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