30+ Gift Ideas For Bloggers

30+ Gift Ideas For Bloggers

It’s gift-giving season! This is a seriously busy time for Bloggers. Brands are pushing for all the promo, looking to drive sales and awareness. Bloggers are featuring all the sales, best deals, and most epic gift ideas for anyone and everyone. So for most of this season, it’s all holiday content and gift guides on their site and social media.

Most people are used to going TO bloggers for advice on what to get their friends and family. But what about good gift ideas FOR bloggers? If you’re a blogger yourself, I’m sure you have a few ideas. However, if you’re shopping for a blogger in your life, you might feel completely lost when it comes to what to give a blogger. 

Bloggers are a unique bunch of creative entrepreneurs who, from the day they first start a blog, are typically on the clock anytime they’re awake. As they say, the Internet never sleeps. Bloggers love reading, writing, and sharing their opinions, insights, hacks, and favorite products with the rest of the world. There are a lot of specific tools used by bloggers, and a lot of ailments that come along with this career path. Long hours staring at screens in a seated position isn’t great for body aches and pains. So finding the perfect gifts to either help bloggers create incredible content, or keep them feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually well is ideal, but not exactly easy. 

So today we want to talk about the best gifts for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re shopping for a friend that’s a blogger, or you’re a blogger shopping for yourself, this list of practical gift ideas is ideal for you. As SEO’s, we face many of the same challenges bloggers face. So many of these products are tried, tested, and absolutely LOVED by our team.

30+ Gift Ideas For Bloggers

Over 30 Gift Ideas For Bloggers

Breo iSee4 Eye Massager:

The Breo iSee4 Eye Massager is the perfect gift for those bloggers that spend all day staring at their laptop or computer. It provides a warm and relaxing massage to comfort those strained eyes from long days typing, researching, or Instagramming. It’s lightweight, portable and worth every penny!

The Pivo Pod:

The Pivo Pod is a nifty little gadget that physically connects to the user’s smartphone and can greatly enhance a blogger’s photo taking and video recording capabilities. It’s greatest feature is smart capture, which allows it to spin 360° and follow the user to keep the frame focused. 

The XEBEC Portable Laptop Tri Screen:

Switching tabs on a laptop all day can be tiring and hard on a blogger’s eyes and feels super inefficient. Having additional screens on the go will allow your blogger to multitask with multiple screens and can make researching and writing much easier. The XEBEC portable tri screen converter turns any laptop into a three screen monitor. It’s so easy to set up, take on the go, and is honestly genius. Every blogger needs this!

A Laptop Stand:

Having a laptop stand can make writing way more enjoyable for a blogger. Laptop stands allow your blogger to type at eye level, can improve their posture and can reduce back pain. There are a ton of different laptop stands to choose from, but we recommend considering a collapsible laptop stand so your blogger can work comfortably from anywhere. 

Anything EMF Blocking:

Bloggers are exposed to a lot of EMF radiation. Whether they’re on their computer, phone, using bluetooth headphones EMF is in full force. You can’t block out 100% of EMF radiation, but every bit helps. You can find EMF blockers for all devices anywhere, but we personally prefer WaveBlock and love their stuff.

A Massage or Facial:

Honestly there is no better gift than the gift of relaxation. A massage or facial experience gift is one of the best things you can get the blogger babes in your life. Choose a great spa or facialist, or ask them where they like to go. Then splurge on a gift card for a relaxing massage or facial. Heck, you can go all out and book them a spa day.

Online Blogging Courses:

Education is one the best gifts that you can give to a loved one – it’s the gift that keeps giving! There are tons of online courses that can help enhance a blogger’s skills and take their blog to the next level. With these courses, bloggers will learn how to create amazing content, grow their email list, improve their SEO, grow their online business, and so much more. Here are a few we recommend:

The Home Office by Worky: 

The Home Office is basically a super convenient, mobile desk that folds down to the size of a briefcase. With this gift, a blogger can make almost any location a functioning workspace. It has charging capabilities, a light for video conferences, and a built-in laptop stand. Other features include space for organization and storage and a magnetic whiteboard for notetaking and reminders. 

Breo iNeck3 Pro Electric Neck Massager:

This product is a game changer for anyone working long hours on the computer. It’s also by Breo, the iNeck3 Pro Electric Neck Massager. This device offers multiple heat and massage settings and provides support to your neck and head throughout the day. This product is great for bloggers as it can help relieve the neck and back pain associated with working on your computer for long periods of time. You can wear it while you work, keep your shoulders and neck from stressing, and make sure you don’t get stiff from all the typing.

A Flower or Plant Delivery Subscription

This is such a fun idea for bloggers. Especially in the lifestyle, home decor, and even food or style blogger space. Having fresh flowers to use as props or background to add a little something extra to their space can make all the difference. Especially if the blogger in your life is working from home full time. So buy a few months of flower or plant delivery to help spruce up the space your blogger friends are constantly shooting in. We love BloomsyBox

Background Props: 

For bloggers that love recording videos and making their own content, consider getting them some background props. We already mentioned flowers, which also make great background props. Cool background props to consider are home decor items, candles, coffee table books, and unique art pieces. You can also consider some wall-art that is motivational or relevant to the theme of their blog! For fashionable bloggers who are constantly searching for the right backdrop to show off their OOTDs, consider getting them a solid backdrop cloth.

A Self-Care Kit: 

Bloggers pulling long days and nights can often forget to set aside time for self-care. For a fun and personalized gift, grab a mix of their favorite things and put together a self-care kit for that special blogger in your life. The kit could include things like candy, snacks, coffee, tea, facemasks, bath bombs, candles, an ice roller,  and anything else you can think of that your blogger loves! 

Gift Guide For Bloggers

An Ergonomic Mouse Or Keyboard Pad

Do not underestimate the power of a useful gift that helps bloggers protect their bodies. You have no idea how much write pain came come from excessive typing and scrolling. So finding little items that make these repeated motions less harmful for blogger bodies is ESSENTIAL. Grab an ergonomic keyboard or mouse pad and your blogger friends will thank you!

Flexispot Biking Desk:

As they say, sitting is the new smoking. And bloggers sit A LOT. Anything that keeps them moving during the work day is ideal. This desk allows you to spin and work at your desk at the same time. It’s honestly genius. No you’re not getting that Soul Cycle or Peloton sweat / dance party. But you’re moving and that’s all that matters!

Under Your Desk Treadmill:

So if you’re blogger friend isn’t into spinning, they can walk. These under desk treadmills are honestly a game changer. You can easily move them too so if you don’t want to use it all day, simply move it to the site. Again, anything that keeps bloggers moving is a great gift idea!~

 A Power Bank or Portable Charger:

As bloggers or creators in the digital space, you’re always in need of more battery power. SERIOUSLY. Our computers, phones, and bluetooth headphones are ALWAYS dead. They just get so much use. A portable charging battery or power bank can be a life saver for a travelling blogger. Having a few extra hours of battery life can be the difference between meeting that deadline or not! Some portable chargers we recommend are the BoostCharge Power Bank and the Mipow Miffy 20W Power Bank.

A Charging Station: 

Similar to the portable charger idea, but more stationary! A charging station can be super helpful for bloggers working in smaller spaces like home offices or cubicles. Charging stations can provide organization for all their electronics and will prevent all those pesky charging cords from getting tangled. 

Gift Cards:

Who doesn’t love getting a gift card? Blogging is a career that requires unique and customized equipment, and a gift card can help your blogger get exactly what they need! Every blogger is different, but you really can’t go wrong with Amazon.  


Noise-cancelling headphones are a super practical gift, especially for bloggers on-the-go. They can help increase productivity and focus by blocking out all that background noise. Consider the ZIHNIC Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones, or these chic white Bose headphones.

A Blogging Planner:

Time management is important when researching, writing, editing, and posting successful blogs. Get the blogger in your life a planner to help them stay organized, keep up with important events and stay on track! You can even create customized planners that match their blog theme on websites like Shutterfly

A Bluetooth Keyboard:

Bluetooth keyboards are a great gift for bloggers! Typing on a bluetooth keyboard, as opposed to a laptop keyboard, can reduce wrist pain on those long days of writing. They can also reduce clutter caused by too many cords and they are much easier to transport than standard keyboards. This sleek rose gold Bluetooth keyboard would make a great gift.

A Bluetooth Mouse: 

A bluetooth mouse will make any blogger more productive and efficient! They are way more user friendly than a small mouse pad on a laptop, especially if your blogger is into any type of graphic design. You can purchase one almost anywhere, and for a personal touch, you can choose one that is bloggers favorite color! 

A Laptop Case:

A blogger’s best friend is their laptop – that’s where all their creative genius and research is stored. As a blogger on-the-go, there is always the risk of dropping and damaging a laptop. Consider getting your blogger a protective laptop case to reduce the risk of damage to their most important piece of equipment. 

A Lightweight Backpack: 

A lightweight and comfortable backpack is a great gift for a blogger. Carrying around a bunch of blogging equipment like laptops, headphones, pens, notebooks, and more can be exhausting. A backpack that has organizational pouches for optimum storage and protection for equipment is an ideal gift for your special blogger. 

Stock Photo Site Memberships: 

For bloggers that don’t take their own photos for their blogs, it can be hard to find photos available for use. A fantastic gift for this type of blogger is a membership to a stock photo site like Shutterstock. This way, they have a huge resource of blog friendly photos that can add value and content to their blogs. 

A Canva Pro Membership: 

Most bloggers dabble in graphic design so that they can create awesome graphics for their brand and their blogs. While there is a free version of the graphic design website, Canva, there is also a paid version that unlocks more useful features and designs. Give your blogger the gift of a Canva Pro membership so they can take their graphics to the next level! 

Digital Cameras:

If you’re ready to spend big, a camera is always appreciated when it comes to bloggers. A good digital camera is essential for bloggers that take their own photos for their blog. Having great quality photos can really enhance a blog post. Consider the Fujifilm X-T3 or the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DLSR Camera to help your special blogger amp up their photo game. 

Coffee or Tea:

For those bloggers that put in long days and nights in the office, coffee or tea can be a great gift! We all need a little pick-me-up when we’re working hard. Consider gifting your blogger a box of assorted teas or their favorite brand of coffee, depending on their preference. And if you’re not sure what brand to choose, consider a gift card to a local coffee shop. 

A Customized Mug: 

Bloggers are constantly on the move and in need of caffeine. There is honestly nothing better than sitting at your computer in the morning with the perfect caffeinated beverage. So make it something cute and grammable for them. A customized mug is both an adorable and useful gift for that special blogger in your life. Find a personalization service and add their blog logo, name of their blog or business to the mug. We recommend using an easy and reputable site like like Etsy

An Office Chair: 

An ergonomic office chair can provide back and posture support for those bloggers that spend all day writing. A more comfortable office chair can definitely increase focus and productivity throughout the day. You can find office chairs in most department stores and you can easily order one online from websites like Office Max, Staples or Amazon.  

Brand Aligned Pens:

Having a reliable set of pens is important for a blogger who is always researching and jotting down ideas. When inspiration strikes, the last thing any blogger wants is to have a faulty pen or run out of ink! We recommend a pen set made for writing in the blogger’s aesthetic. So go check out their website, find their brand colors, then choose a pen set that fits the vibe. Extra points if you find a matching notepad!

A Wall Calendar: 

Keeping up with appointments, social events, blog releases, due dates, and more can be a lot for a blogger. Having a place to record those big, important dates that you can easily see on your wall or desk can be a life-saver! A wall calendar can definitely help increase a blogger’s time-management, productivity, and organization. 

Any other gift ideas for bloggers?

These are our top gift ideas for bloggers, but remember that there are many other ways to support the bloggers in your life other than gift giving. You can support their blogs by commenting and leaving reviews on their website and using their affiliate links to purchase items from Amazon. Also consider helping your special blogger by signing up for their email marketing list and encouraging others to do the same. Do you have any other gift ideas for the bloggers in your life? Drop your suggestions below! 

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