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Are blogs still a thing?

Are Blogs Still a Thing?

The blogging world used to look very different. In the early days of the Internet, blogs were more of an online diary with no purpose other than personal expression. Today, blogs are focused and purposeful, but how many are still out there? And, does anyone really read them like they used to? We’ve dedicated our post today to answering the question: Are blogs still a thing? It’s a fair question.

What is a good call to action?

What is a Good Call to Action

Digital marketing is no easy feat. You can’t sell anyone on your blog using your charismatic personality, dazzling product demonstrations, or local credibility. That may have been the way it worked in the past, but not in the age of the internet! Plus, the worldwide web poses another challenge: There are thousands of competitors and your potential customer’s attention span is short.  So, is there hope? How do you increase

16 benefits of a content calendar

16 Benefits of a Content Calendar

When you first start your blog, coming up with great content each week is a breeze! You’re brimming with ideas and motivation, which makes pumping out these posts easy. But, as your blog business grows and the weeks drone on, it’s not always so easy to stay consistent with quality content.  Using a content calendar is a great way to stay on top of your blog and social media posting!

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