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How To Add a Text Box In Canva 

Canva is a great tool for bloggers, influencers, and really anyone who does digital marketing. It just makes graphic design super easy even for an amateur or someone who does not have hours to spend in Photoshop. You seriously won’t find an easier way to create eye-catching graphics and digital products. Canva is the GOAT! Though you can do lots of photo editing in Canva, it’s really great to create

valentines day blog post ideas

100+ Valentine’s Day Blog Post Ideas to Help You Feel the love

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! Time to embrace the romantic vibes and get your audience engaged! Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, someone just dipping your toes into  content creation, or looking for specific ideas for self care blogs, wellness blogs, or another niche, Valentine’s Day provides a GREAT opportunity to connect with your followers and boost your site traffic! This holiday is so

how to change margins in wordpress

How to Change Margins in WordPress

WordPress is a favorite for bloggers everywhere, and the easy web designing process is one of the reasons it’s so popular. You don’t have to hire an expert web developer if it’s not in the cards yet, but you can still have an aesthetic and professional looking blog ready for the world to see.  There’s a lot that goes into formatting the perfect blog in WordPress like choosing a theme,

February Blog Ideas

100+ February Blog Ideas: Bye-Bye Writer’s Block

February may be a short month, but it’s packed with lots of celebration! February doesn’t just have Valentine’s Day (and Galentine’s Day), but February is also Black History Month. If all that wasn’t enough, additionally, don’t forget Chinese New Year often lands in February too! So, if you’re a blogger looking for content ideas for February, these holidays should give you plenty of inspo!  Posting both seasonal and evergreen content

Why blogging is important to modern marketing.

Why Blogging is Important

There was a time that delivering flyers and standing on a soapbox drove people to your business. But, modern technology has changed the way consumers engage with companies. Blogging has set itself apart in this techy world as one of the most lucrative ways to grow for business owners! This is because starting a blog is easy, inexpensive, and helpful for marketing any product or service. Billions of people worldwide

How To Create a Contact Form in WordPress Without A Plugin

How To Create a Contact Form in WordPress Without A Plugin

Establishing meaningful connections with your audience is SO IMPORTANT in the world of online interaction. This is where contact forms come in. These powerful little tools are so helpful for connecting with your target audience and potential partners! (Not sure what a contact form is? Here’s ours for reference!) That contact form is essential for you as a blogger, because it’s that gateway that allows readers to send inquiries (and

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How To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

The world of blogging is hardly a cutthroat industry. Since every brand has its own personality, it rarely feels like you’re dealing with direct competitors. Instead, you and other bloggers in your niche are like a tight-knit community of voices with the same mission. And, because each blogger is an individual with a unique perspective, most readers will read many blogs on the same topic.  This is good news for

How To Negotiate Blogger Contracts

How To Negotiate Blogger Contracts

Influencer marketing has gotten super popular! It’s a type of marketing where brands pay bloggers and social media influencers to showcase their products instead of running traditional ads. Every year, companies take more money away from old advertising methods and push it instead toward influencers, because the results are so much better! The connections and influence you have over your target audience are super valuable to brands. Your followers trust

How to Delete a Theme in WordPress

How to Delete a Theme in WordPress

If you’re already in the blogosphere, there’s a good chance your blog is on WordPress. This is because WordPress is a platform specifically designed for bloggers and it’s super user friendly Oh, and did we mention it’s one of the most popular web hosting platforms out there? Yeah it is! So, like we said, there’s a good chance you’re already rocking it on WordPress! WordPress has a ton of ways

How to make your blog more engaging

How To Make Your Blog More Engaging? 

Whether your brand is all about blogging, or your brand uses blogging as a digital marketing tool, one of your top goals should be gaining more loyal followers. You may have plenty of social media posts showcasing your articles and your content might even be optimized for search engines, but how else can you get more people reading your blog posts?  Before keyword stuffing your posts to death or dropping

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