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What is a Duplicate Title Tag?

What is a Duplicate Title Tag?

Search engine optimization is one of the key elements to the success of your blog. With so much content out there, you’ll need to be intentional to keep your content ranking at the top of the search engine results pages. Ranking higher means more traffic to your website, more online visibility, and increased revenue for your business! There are lots of ways to improve your website’s SEO. Today, we’re focusing

70 Self Care Blog Post Ideas

70+ Self-Care Blog Post Ideas

When you’re managing a blog, consistent posting is key to gaining organic traffic and keeping followers engaged. However, the pressure of coming up with new and unique topics every week (or more) is crazy stressful. Some days, you just get writer’s block, and finding a fresh topic for your blog feels impossible.  If this is happening to you, just breathe. We’ve got you covered! A trending topic that we’re seeing

How Much Does it Cost to Start A Blog?

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog

Blogging as a hobby doesn’t have to cost anything. All you need is a good idea and one of the many free blog hosting services. But, if you’re looking to make your blog into a business, there are most certainly some start-up costs involved. Just like if you were making any other hobby into a career, you’ll need a good infrastructure to help your business grow and succeed!  The amount

affiliate marketing for moms

Affiliate Marketing for Moms

Let’s be honest – moms like you have A LOT on their plate. Between being a full-time mom, keeping the magic alive in your relationship, managing your social life, and pursuing amazing careers and hobbies, your schedule is no doubt FULL! So, if you’re dying to make some extra money, you’ve got to find something you can do at home that generates income passively. But we know what you’re thinking:

How to Get Past Writers Block - Defeat writer's block, craft great posts, and meet deadlines!

How to Get Past Writer’s Block

Have you ever stared at a blank screen, feeling like you have no good ideas and no motivation to write? This is called writer’s block, and when it hits, writing couldn’t be more challenging and less fun. This phenomenon is super common among all types of writers whether you’re a law student crafting a dissertation or a blogger coming up with yet another topic in your niche. Writer’s block can

podcast keyword research

Podcast Keyword Research

So, you started a podcast? CONGRATS!!! But let’s face it – if you’re creating and uploading a podcast onto one of the major platforms, you’ve got A LOT of competition. There are currently over 5 million podcasts (WOW!!!), so reaching your target audience and your niche takes real strategy. We’re assuming you already have great content, so the next step to growing your podcast is to search engine optimize.  Search

What is a Broken Link

What is an Internal Broken Link on Your Blog?

Internal linking is the process of connecting your current blog posts to other pages on your site by linking to additional relevant content. Internal linking is huge for your blog for a variety of reasons. It shows your users that you’ve got other valuable content and helps search engines better understand your text. This means you’ll get more engagement and rank higher on those SERPs.  But, have you ever clicked

How to be a pinterest influencer

How To Be A Pinterest Influencer

Being an “influencer” could mean a lot of things in today’s modern world. Your mind might immediately go to Instagram models and famous mom bloggers, but really – you can be an influencer anywhere on the internet! All an influencer really needs is a community to influence. Luckily, you can find that community on a high traffic website ( like your blog! ), on Instagram, on Facebook, or even on

How to get blog followers

How to Get Blog Followers to Grow Your Audience, Influence, & Income

As a blogger, growing your readership is of course your top priority. It’s absolutely essential in order to grow your blogging business. Your blog is the home base for your blog as a brand. It’s where you can dive deep, build a loyal audience, develop relationships with readers, and create a community that will grow and evolve with you and your brand. So learning how to get blog followers should

Food photography props

8 Food Photography Props

When you see a delicious, just absolutely mouth-watering photo of your favorite meal on social media, it’s hard not to stop and check it out. But it’s not just the food itself that makes the image so appealing, it’s also the props. The background, the plating, the silverware (if any) are all perfectly placed to deliver that *chef’s kiss* image that makes readers stop and say “I’ve got to try

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