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What is a Lifestyle Blog?

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

It’s safe to say that at InfluencerSEO, we LOVE all types of blogging. But let’s be honest, is that any surprise??? In all seriousness, blogging is a great way to express yourself, promote a business or lifestyle, and connect with the world around you. You can make money doing it, too – it doesn’t need to be “just for fun”. To make a full-time living off your blog, you need

How do Brand Collaborations Work?

How Do Brand Collaborations Work

If you’re blogging as a business, your goal is not to just create good content and build a loyal community. You want to make a career! But, for you to become a full-time influencer and blogger, you need to make a profit. And, to make a profit, you’ll need to monetize your blog. There are lots of ways to make money off your content, but one of the most lucrative

Ultimate List of Tips For Bloggers

Ultimate List of Tips For Bloggers

Blogging is a great way to express yourself, explore your passions, and build your own business. There are millions of blogs out there that cover every topic under the sun from fashion to finance. Each one has its audience and has the potential to make a real impression. They just need the right strategy! So, to help you make your blog a huge success, we’re sharing the ULTIMATE list of blogging

ShopStyle vs LikeToKnowIt Comparison

ShopStyle vs LikeToKnowIt

The quickest way to your blogging dreams probably depends at least a little on income. Generating an income from your blog can be both challenging and time-consuming. This is why one of the best ways to earn a paycheck through your blog is affiliate marketing!  If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing and you’d like an in-depth look, check out our blog post, here. But essentially, affiliate marketing is when

How To Make Money As A Fitness Blogger

How To Make Money As A Fitness Blogger

Fitness bloggers inspire readers every day to take charge of their health and develop good exercise and diet habits. On a fitness blog, passionate influencers share workout routines, healthy eating advice, wellness tips, and more! It’s a unique niche because unlike fashion blogging, mom blogging, and lifestyle blogging, all of what a fitness guru has to offer can’t be delivered through a camera. So, though health and fitness blogs are

Affiliate Programs For Food Bloggers

9 Affiliate Programs For Food Bloggers 

When you’re hoping to become a full-time blogger, monetization is key to reaching your goals. As a food blogger, finding ways to monetize can sometimes be difficult, because you can’t sell and deliver your delicious food to every hungry reader exploring your food blog. (Though we all wish we could get a taste!!!)  However, you CAN make a passive income by promoting products or services on your blog posts and

Blogging as a Business. Photos of a keyboard, notebook, and hands.

The Business Side of Blogging

Most blogs start as a hobby. These bloggers start with just a passion for helping people through their story, lifestyle, or expertise. But, over time, bloggers (much like you) find huge opportunity in their platform and blog. This propels them into a business mindset that can lead a blog into a full-time successful business.  This doesn’t entirely happen organically, of course. If it did, you’d already be there, right? With

travel affiliate programs for travel bloggers

30 Travel Affiliate Programs

If you’re a travel blogger, you need income to fuel your adventures. The more places you travel to, the more places you can post about on your blog! However, how you can make money blogging isn’t always clear. But, we’re here to tell you that there are lots of ways you can make a business out of blogging!  Today, we’re discussing one of the main ways travel bloggers can make

When to hire a blog manager

When to Hire a Blog Manager

Welcome back, everyone! You have one more week with me and Wellevation HQ as we detail all things brand partnerships. In our last posts, we’ve dug into quite a few details about working with brands. We discussed how to get yourself noticed by brands for collaboration. And, we outlined what a blog manager (a.k.a a talent manager) actually does and how they can help you reach your blog monetization goals

How to get sponsored posts for your blog

How to Get Sponsored Posts for Your Blog

Welcome back, we are SO EXCITED to share the second post in a 3-part series with expert minds from Wellevation HQ, an influencer marketing and blog management agency, and InfluencerSEO, your one-stop shop for all things blog optimization.  No matter where you are in your blogging journey, one thing remains the same. You don’t want your business to be a side hustle. You want to make real money and turn

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