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travel affiliate programs for travel bloggers

30 Travel Affiliate Programs

If you’re a travel blogger, you need income to fuel your adventures. The more places you travel to, the more places you can post about on your blog! However, how you can make money blogging isn’t always clear. But, we’re here to tell you that there are lots of ways you can make a business out of blogging!  Today, we’re discussing one of the main ways travel bloggers can make

When to hire a blog manager

When to Hire a Blog Manager

Welcome back, everyone! You have one more week with me and Wellevation HQ as we detail all things brand partnerships. In our last posts, we’ve dug into quite a few details about working with brands. We discussed how to get yourself noticed by brands for collaboration. And, we outlined what a blog manager (a.k.a a talent manager) actually does and how they can help you reach your blog monetization goals

How to get sponsored posts for your blog

How to Get Sponsored Posts for Your Blog

Welcome back, we are SO EXCITED to share the second post in a 3-part series with expert minds from Wellevation HQ, an influencer marketing and blog management agency, and InfluencerSEO, your one-stop shop for all things blog optimization.  No matter where you are in your blogging journey, one thing remains the same. You don’t want your business to be a side hustle. You want to make real money and turn

What does a blog manager do?

What Does a Blog Manager Do?

The next few posts are bringing in some MAJOR value for you guys and we couldn’t be more excited. Yes, we’re an SEO company. But at the core of our values we’re just trying to help bloggers be more successful. So whether it be through SEO, or building the right team and partner for your business, WE want to be on top of it. So with that said, today AND

How much to charge for a sponsored post

How Much to Charge for a Sponsored Post

Influencer marketing is a great way for businesses to reach a modern customer base and it’s a great way for influencers to monetize their brand. It’s a win-win for both parties! Once you hit your micro influencer and/or macro influencer goals, you can take advantage of this lucrative opportunity!  To get into influencer marketing, simply do what you do best. You make great content, but now brands pay you to

How to Make a Business Out of Blogging

How to Make a Business Out of Blogging

Some start blogs as a hobby. And, some start blogs to build an empire. If you’re one of the brave content creators who hope to create a successful blog that makes an impact AND generates an income, come along with us today! We’ve got a great post for you.  Today, we’re dedicating our post to making a business out of blogging. Using these steps when starting a blog will help

Best Mediavine Alternatives for Bloggers that Don't Meet the Monthly Pageview Threshold

Best Mediavine Alternatives for Bloggers that Don’t Meet the Monthly Pageview Threshold 

Mediavine is a popular marketing company that provides monetization options for bloggers. If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you know turning your blog from a hobby to a business is no easy task. Learning how to earn money blogging is one of the most challenging parts of developing your brand. (With monthly costs, you might even be losing money on your blog.) You can generate income through

The true costs of running a blog

True Costs of Running a Blog

Many of you dream of running a successful blog and for good reason! With the right strategy, blogging can fulfill you both creatively and financially. Plus, a career in blogging gives you flexible hours, a strong sense of purpose, and a rewarding career path. But, you guessed it, getting started is not that easy.  To run a blog, you’ll need to work hard and spend a little money on start-up

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