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how to upload pdf to wordpress

How to a Upload PDF to WordPress: Your Step-By-Step Guide  

If you’re a blogger, you’re probably always looking for ways to make your blog more engaging. When our blog is engaging, we connect with, reach, and retain readers better. One way that many bloggers like to offer more to their followers is by uploading PDFs to their pages that readers can download, print, and use. Whether you’re offering an eBook, coloring pages, meal planners, style guides, or something else, you

how to change font size in WordPress

How to Change Font Size in WordPress

Blogging is pretty much an art form, right? It isn’t just about setting up a website on WordPress, throwing words on a page, and publishing it. It is truly about crafting an experience for your readers, creating a space where they can connect with your ideas, stories, and expertise. Blogging is about being able to stand out from the sea of content out there, making your mark in a way

what is a parent page in wordpress

What Is A Parent Page In WordPress?

Are you ready to get the most out of your WordPress blog? Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress blogger or just starting out with this handy web platform, you already know how perfectly WordPress caters to the blogging community! Full of great features that are accessible, user-friendly, and extremely functional, which is why it’s many bloggers’ go-to platform.  Yes, WordPress is extremely user-friendly, but it’s also really complex! This allows web

how to hide a page in wordpress

How to Hide A Page in WordPress

A blog is an ever-evolving thing. From year-to-year (or even month-to-month), you’ll go through all sorts of strategy shifts that demand changes to your website. Even though you’ll be tweaking your brand, you don’t want your blog visitors to see a “transition.” Instead, you want to keep your WordPress site looking fresh and functional. To change your website vibe without over-committing to your strategy-shift, you need to know how to

how to change font color on wordpress

How to Change Font Color in WordPress

How your blog looks matters big time! Not only should you have eye-catching images and a great layout, but your text needs to be readable, aesthetic, and engaging. That means you need the right color that’s super legible for easy reading, but also represents your brand vibe. You can learn more about how web design impacts your blog here, but today we’re talking all about how to change your text

How To Set Up A Blog On WordPress

How To Set Up A Blog On WordPress

Blogging is an AWESOME way to express yourself, share ideas, and connect with a community. Beyond that, you can even make a personal brand and business out of blogging with the right strategy! At the end of the day, there are SO MANY benefits of starting a blog and establishing your online presence.  However, choosing the right blog site platform also has a lot to do with your online success.

how to change margins in wordpress

How to Change Margins in WordPress

WordPress is a favorite for bloggers everywhere, and the easy web designing process is one of the reasons it’s so popular. You don’t have to hire an expert web developer if it’s not in the cards yet, but you can still have an aesthetic and professional looking blog ready for the world to see.  There’s a lot that goes into formatting the perfect blog in WordPress like choosing a theme,

How To Create a Contact Form in WordPress Without A Plugin

How To Create a Contact Form in WordPress Without A Plugin

Establishing meaningful connections with your audience is SO IMPORTANT in the world of online interaction. This is where contact forms come in. These powerful little tools are so helpful for connecting with your target audience and potential partners! (Not sure what a contact form is? Here’s ours for reference!) That contact form is essential for you as a blogger, because it’s that gateway that allows readers to send inquiries (and

How to Delete a Theme in WordPress

How to Delete a Theme in WordPress

If you’re already in the blogosphere, there’s a good chance your blog is on WordPress. This is because WordPress is a platform specifically designed for bloggers and it’s super user friendly Oh, and did we mention it’s one of the most popular web hosting platforms out there? Yeah it is! So, like we said, there’s a good chance you’re already rocking it on WordPress! WordPress has a ton of ways

How to Add an Internal Link in WordPress

How to Add an Internal Link in WordPress

Link building is an important part of your blog’s search engine optimization. Search engines favor posts that have a good combination of high-quality internal links and external links. When web crawlers find these links, they take as a sign your content is well-researched and carefully crafted, so they push your post to the top of the search engine results pages! That’s the goal, right? But, how do you add internal

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