27 Influencers with Podcasts

Influencers with Podcasts

Influencers use a variety of platforms to connect with their readers. They use blogs, social media, and even podcasts! Podcasts are an extremely lucrative way to generate income and build your audience. A jarring 60% of the US population listens to podcasts regularly, and platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts also make it super easy for users to find your content. This is believe to be because there are so many benefits of listening to podcasts.

There are all sorts of popular podcast categories like comedy, news, true crime, health, self-help, and pop culture that attract a wide range of podcast listeners who enjoy active listening. Like blogging, podcasts offer plenty of niches, so chances are your blogging niche has a podcast audience just waiting to hear your content. 

All in all, adding a podcast element to your blog could propel your blog to new heights and help you reach more followers who are paying attention. If you’re having trouble conceptualizing how your content could become a podcast, try listening to other bloggers doing the same thing! We’ve made a list of some of the top influencer podcasts hosted by bloggers like you to help inspire your next brand move. Here it is:

27 Influencers with Podcasts

Him & Her

The Skinny Confidential is a lifestyle blog by Lauryn Bosstick. She focuses on beauty, business, mental health, self-care, and relationships. As well as some blogging tips and tricks for fellow influencers. On Instagram, she has almost 200,000 followers, and her “Him & Her” podcast has over 11,000 five-star reviews. In this podcast, she partners with her husband as well as tons of special guests to bring listeners interesting interviews on topics associated with her niche. The great part is, no topic is off-limits!

Get the F*ck Out of the Sun

The second podcast on our list today also comes from the one and only Lauryn Bosstick. Her second podcast to discuss on is called “Get the F*ck Out of the Sun. On this podcast, she interviews beauty gurus on all things wellness, skincare, and make-up. Not to mention, she answers all your frequently asked beauty questions. Both of her podcasts can be found on all major hosting sites! 

Mommy Diary

Mommy Diary is a blog from content creator, Angela J. Kim, who is in the parenting, travel, and lifestyle niche. She has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. And, her podcast provides moving content for mothers dealing with all the joys, as well as the troubles, of their parenting journey and personal lives. She hosts this podcast on her own website! 

A Cyster & Her Mister

PCOS and Chill is a blog focusing on living with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Tallene Hacatoryan is a registered dietician that helps women with PCOS develop good food and exercise habits. Above all, her goal is to help others alleviate their symptoms and live a more fulfilling life. Her podcast is called “A Cyster & Her Mister” and it’s available on all major podcasting platforms. Each episode invites guests who help dive into the science of PCOS. Not to mention, she has over 700,000 followers on Instagram – wow! 

Healthy in Real Life

The Fitnessista is, you guessed it, a fitness blog! Gina Harney is a mom who focuses on providing women with quick workouts and recipes to help them live healthier lifestyles. She has almost 30,000 followers on Instagram. Her podcast is called “Healthy in Real Life” and it features experts on health, fitness, nutrition, and beauty to deliver lifestyle advice that is practical for busy women everywhere. 

We Gotta Talk 

Sonni Abatta is a lifestyle blogger that has content on all sorts of important topics. She features content on everything from skincare to travel on her blog, and her podcast has a similar variety of content. Each episode features a different topic that could be as inconsequential as winged eyeliner to as heavy as the abortion debate. She has almost 1000 followers, which further proves that you don’t need TONS of followers to be successful. Shoot for all of your blogging and podcasting dreams, no matter your follower count! 

The Garcia Diaries

The Garcia Diaries is a blog by a mother of 5 living in Arizona with her high school sweetheart. How adorable! Mainly, she blogs about the high highs and low lows of motherhood. She has almost 350,000 followers on Instagram, and she has an Apple Podcast. Her podcast is called “The Garcia Diaries: Unfiltered”, which features her husband. The topics are a little more broad, touching on things like marriage, parenting, pop culture, and current events. 

60% of the U.S population listens to podcasts


The Clutterbug blog and podcast are all about getting your home organized in a way that suits your specific organizational style. Cassandra Aarssen describes herself as a “recovering super slob” and provides a unique perspective on home management. She has 200,000 followers on Instagram. Her podcast is on all major platforms and has a heavy viewership for her follower count! 

With Whit

Whitney Port is a super popular influencer with 1.4 million followers. She is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, creative consultant, digital influencer, and TV personality. Her content spans all these topics and highlights her exciting lifestyle. “With Whit” is the name of her podcast, and it covers just as many topics. Each week, she consults with experts on how they tackle life’s biggest obstacles. You can find her podcast on all major listening platforms. 


VIEWS is another popular podcast hosted by David Dobrik and Jason Nash, a successful YouTuber with over 18 million subscribers, and a comedian and content creator. In this podcast, Dobrik and Nash take listeners behind the scenes of their vlogs and provide an inside look into the “YouTube life”. They discuss various topics, share personal stories for a personal connection, and often invite guests to join them on the show. If you’re a fan of David Dobrik’s YouTube channel and enjoy hearing about his experiences and adventures, VIEWS is a podcast you might enjoy.

Food Heaven 

Food Heaven is a blog by two registered dietitians (Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones) who are also best friends. Their blog helps people change the way they eat to find more joy in life and food! Their blog content includes lots of recipes and self-help articles about dieting. The Food Heaven podcast keeps the focus on health, food, and eating! Lopez and Jones have about 127,000 Instagram followers. 

Life with Marianna 

Marianna Hewitt is a fashion and beauty influencer with 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Her blog has beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and travel content, in addition to some wellness content. Plus, she has her own skincare line too! Her podcast is called “Life With Marianna” (like her website) and focuses on the same lifestyle and self-help content as her blog. 

Lipstick on the Rim 

Molly Sims is a beauty blogger with almost 940,000 Instagram followers. Her blog is called “Beauty Everywhere” and its mission is to find joy and beauty in the world through make-up, wellness, and travel. The accompanying podcast is named “Lipstick on the Rim” and is in the same beauty and wellness niche. It’s available on her website, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. 

Meaning Full Living

Meaning Full Living is a parenting blog that has a simple, practical philosophy when it comes to life. Learn about parenting, motherhood, feeding, pregnancy—anything that has to do with kiddos! They have over 100,000 followers on Instagram and a popular podcast with the same name. And, as you can probably already guess, the podcast is all about parenting too!

The Art of Being Well

Dr. Will Cole is an expert in natural healthcare. His blog focuses on helping find solutions to chronic diseases, thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and brain problems. He has bestselling books, almost 600,000 followers on Instagram, and a successful podcast called “The Art of Being Well.” His podcast also has the same mission and provides more information on wellness and self-care from a naturopathic perspective. 

The Papaya Podcast

Sarah Nicole Landry is a body confidence advocate, speaker, writer, and model. She focuses on the experiences of parents and adult women everywhere. Her blog is called “The Birds Papaya” (inspired by her daughters), and her Instagram has 2.4 million followers. The podcast she hosts is called “The Papaya Podcast.” And, on it, she interviews women from all types of backgrounds to share and discuss life experiences. 

What’s Gaby Cooking

What’s Gaby Cooking is a food blog that features over a thousand recipes from a true California girl. Gaby Dalkin has written many cookbooks and has 1 million followers on Instagram. Her podcast focuses on all things food from cooking at home to fine dining at a restaurant. She has celebrity guests as well as lots of helpful kitchen info! You can listen to her podcast on her website. 


Jaclyn Johnson is an author and CEO who helps female entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders realize their goals. Her podcast highlights the experience and wisdom of female boss ladies all over the country. She has about 110,000 followers on Instagram and a big following on her online platform Create and Cultivate

46% of people in the U.S who listen to podcasts are women

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess centers on two sisters, Elsie and Emma, who are moms, homebodies, entrepreneurs, and, most of all, creators—whether it be food, design, or crafts. They have almost 700,000 followers on Instagram. Their podcast is all about practical lifestyle advice to add a little creativity and joy to your daily routine. It’s available on their website! 

Mile Higher

The Mile Higher podcast is hosted by Kendall Rae and Josh Thomas, who are successful YouTubers and content creators. In this podcast, Rae and Thomas delve into various topics, including true crime, conspiracy theories, and the paranormal, while adding their own perspectives and research to the discussions. They also invite guests, including experts and professionals, to provide further insights on the topics they explore. If you’re interested in true crime, mysterious phenomena, and deep dives into thought-provoking subjects, Mile Higher is a podcast worth checking out.

The Progress Podcast

The Progress Club is a personal development blog for women everywhere. Emma Norris, the founder, is a writer and action coach that helps women reach their full potential. Currently, she’s not on Instagram. But, she has several regular listeners who love her self-help podcast “The Progress Podcast.”

The Pioneer Woman

Here’s one almost everyone knows! The Pioneer Woman has over 4 million Instagram followers and manages a food blog. She also writes cookbooks and manages multiple product lines with her signature brand. In her podcast through the Food Network, she keeps the focus on comfort food and her ranching lifestyle! 

The Everygirl Podcast

The Everygirl blog is a lifestyle blog for women looking to better themselves in every aspect of life from finances to relationships. Everygirl brand has over 1 million followers on Instagram, as well as a podcast focused on self-development. It’s on Apple Podcasts, and it’s brand new! Everygirl interviews guests who are inspiring women across many fields to help propel listeners toward their goals. 

The Goop Podcast

Goop is a legendary lifestyle brand from actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It centers on non-traditional medicine and luxury living. Goop has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, a show on Netflix, and a successful podcast. Each episode interviews a different inspiring person and explores new ways to better your mind, body, and soul. 

Being Bumo

Chriselle Lim is an entrepreneur, fashionista, mom, creator, and owner of Phlur and Bümo. She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Her luxury lifestyle blog showcases high-end products and practices for all the extra ladies out there. Interestingly enough, her podcast, Being Bümo that focuses on a completely different niche; it’s all about parenting, marriage, and managing it all as a mom. 

Wild ‘Til 9

Wild ‘Til 9 is a weekly podcast featuring Lauren Riihimaki and Jeremy Lewis. Racking up 53k followers on Instagram, this podcast is all about relationships, growing as people, and so much more. This podcast is SO open and not worried about exploring different topics that could be seen as ‘controversial’.

The Blonde Files

Last, we have Arielle Lorre. She has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and she’s all about health and wellness! She’s a recovered addict focused on pursuing health and happiness. Lorre’s blog focuses on this recovery journey and anything fitness related. Her podcast “The Blonde Files” is on all major platforms and hosts inspirational guests that are also passionate about health.

Starting a podcast can be a great way to expand your reach and grow your podcast audience

The Benefits Of Podcasts For Influencers

Podcasts are growing more popular every day. People from all over the world are tuning in while working, driving, or doing housework to invest in themselves and their future. Delivering your one-of-a-kind content through a podcast can be a great way to reach your blogging dreams! It will, of course, require a little extra equipment, but it’s not too expensive to get started. 

If you’re looking for more ways to grow your blog and build your brand or dive into influencer marketing, check out our website! Oh, and also, feel free to give us a follow on Instagram. We have tons of content related to influencer and blogger life. In addition, we offer several lucrative services that can make your blog stand out among the rest. We’re here to help your content shine and reach as many readers as possible!

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